Before You Buy a Chow Chow, Know These Tips

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Chow Chows look like big, goofy, fluffballs. And in many ways, that is just what they are. But they are also so much more than that. Sometimes people think they know a dog just by how it looks, so we always want to take some time to point out some basic things about breeds to people so they go at it all informed. Today, we will talking about some tips you should know before you bring a Chow Chow into your life.

People should know, first and foremost, Chow Chows are very protective dogs of their families. They need to know who is coming in and out, and they are very wary of new faces coming around those they love. This sometimes means the “master” of the house (again, a term we hate using) will need to let it be known to his Chows that he is, indeed, the alpha.

A big way to do this is socialization. We cannot stress this enough. You need to socialize your Chow Chow. It also helps to invest a little time into obedience training. If you let them, this breed will be running the show. As many do lovers know, it is not always good to let the dogs run the show.

Also, on a final note, grooming is a serious part of the regimen of owning a Chow Chow. Those thick coats are no joke, and if left untreated, can be a real mess for  and a real problem for the dog itself.

So in closing, know, this breed will need a lot of work and attention. In the end, are they worth it? Are you kidding me? These loyal little furballs are well worth it. Any Chow fan can tell you that. Just make sure to commit yourself to the cause.

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

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