Everything You Need to Know about The Corgi Dog Breed


Corgi is popular due to its celebrity position, especially on the internet. When you see them, you can easily identify them since they are short with long bodies and muscular thighs. They look like a dachshund. Their coat of fur is double thick. Corgis breed is into two categories: Welsh Pembroke and Welsh Cardigans. Corgi has a combination of features that makes them look fabulous. They are in various colors, including red, sable, tan, black, and fawn. According to Scotsman, Corgi are usually ten to twelve inches tall,, and their weight is between twenty-five and forty pounds. Their life span is around twelve and fifteen years. Corgis were formerly raised as herding dogs. They are intentional (wired) to play and run in huge open spaces all day. Corgis are good for indoor pets than outdoor pets.

Corgis are easy to train

Corgis are easy to train due to their origin as it has a high level of instinct. Traits such as intelligence, affinity to attention, love, and eagerness to please make them very easy to train. It is actually enjoyable to train them, which is the reason they have been traditionally used as herding dogs. They can also be independent and bossy despite their small size. It would help if you were patient with them and firm in the decision when training them.

Corgis are smart

Corgis are intelligent and therefore easy to train. At times, they are able to learn and teach themselves even things you would not want them to learn. Corgis are able to learn different things. For example, you may note that if they run, you are not able to catch them. They will then hold on only to take off any time they figure out you want to catch them. You have to be on high alert with them since they can outwit you. You can also teach your Corgis interesting games since they are smart and will learn them. A good example is that of a game like a shell game which involves hiding a little ball under three different bowls, then the player is supposed to point out where the ball is after shuffling the bowls. Corgis will surprise you by remembering where the little ball is showing a high level of smartness.

Communication of Corgi dog

The main communication means for Corgi dogs is barking. Since they are primarily shepherding dog, they bark when they detect anything strange. This characteristic is what probably makes it very useful for herding. As a pet, therefore, you may sometimes find it a nuisance due to the noise it makes when it sees visitors or unfamiliar people hence not good pet where there is high traffic. According to Sonder Lives, there are other methods of communication such as through eyes, tail wagging, and yawning among others. Therefore, spending enough time with your Corgi will enable you to understand its communication. It is important to note that all dogs to some extent bark but in the case of corgi they bark and not only on the threats but just when they feel like it. Therefore, they make good watchdogs the only drawback being that they are not limited to barking only on threats. Before you purchase a Corgi, you need to spend time with one even if it is a friend’s for you to find out whether you can put up with them.

They do best in cold weather

Corgis originated from cool temperate environments hence they are naturally adapted to cold weather. Those dog lovers and especially for this breed you would it is easy to rear in those cool regions hence originally found in the Celtic region. However, this does not mean that if you want to own a Corgi and you live in warmer environments that you cannot have a Corgi. The only point to note is that they cannot be too long during summer to avoid overheating them, and you will be good to go. When indoors and you live in a a warm environment, you should make sure that your dog is sheltered from the high temperatures outside.

Corgis shed a lot of hair

Due to their genetic makeup, Corgis have double coats; hence they shed a lot of hair all year. The shedding takes place in two seasons, namely the spring and fall. They shed hair severely, and you need to groom them. This does not mean that it will completely stop them from losing hair but will help in ensuring that the hair is not dispersed around the house. It would help if you introduced the usual grooming routine like light brushing every day. Also, bathing them during the season they shade a lot of hair will help. The high shedding also means that for those who are allergic to Corgis as pets is a no-go zone.

Corgis are not lapdogs

You may think because of Corgi’s small size when you adopt them they will make great lapdogs. You will, however discover that is not the case. They have the best size for a lapdog, but most of them don’t like to be held for long periods. This happens because of their origin, where in most cases, they were used as watchdogs. These tasks and other related activities such as herding meant they were constantly on the ground. Many Corgis will feel much attention is getting in the way of their performing duties which is patrolling the perimeter and guarding your home though you might find some who don’t mind the attention. Perhaps if you are interested in making them lapdogs you might need to do a lot of training.

Corgis are good with other pets

Corgis are sociable and good with other pets. They love other dogs since they can relate even with other animals such as sheep who are not of their family. Corgi owners will usually organize for meet-ups where they bring their Corgis every month for a get-together. The get-together is an elegant one that is held across the country. They come in hundreds where Corgis greet each other by softly bopping their noses . For instance, a fight may break out, they wrestle using their hide legs which makes it look very funny like two teddy bears fighting. This makes them very lovely pets to own and rear.

The loyalty of Corgi dog

Corgis are very loyal rarely leaving your side. Canines are usually the most loyal animals to man. However, they will have their attention drawn away, especially when they see an animal they want to hunt and thus run off. This is not the case with corgis since they were raised as herding dogs. They will defend and protect the herd making them always a close companion of the owner. This habit can also be seen in their young ones as they also don’t stay away from the owner who at times can be irritating. This means they are royal in that they don’t leave your side. You will need to be a fun of dogs to cope up with Corgi as they can even follow you to the bathroom where they wait for you outside.

Cherished by the royal family

Probably due to its cuteness the Corgi dog breed, specifically Pembroke is loved by the United Kingdom royal family. The current queen according to Mental Floss, is said to have had in her possession thirty Corgi dogs from when she was young. When their father brought the first Corgi in 1933, both the queen-to-be and her sister, princess Margret instantly loved it. There was the introduction of another Corgi later by the name Jane with which more Corgis were bred. The Corgis were such a hit in the royal family that on her eighteen birthday, she received another one going by the name Susan. Surface to know this has been the trend until recently when the last two Corgis named Whisper and Willow died.

The older of the two varieties of Corgi

The two Corgis- Cardigan and Pembroke- the Cardigan is thought to be older. This breed was fast brought into wales by one of the tribes of Celts known for its war exploits. It was introduced in its pure form to the present Ceredigion, which was formally Cardiganshire in the year 1200 BCE. Pembroke, on the other hand, is estimated to have started to exist around 1107 CE when Flemings, who were skilled in weaving, migrated to Wales. The Pembroke is actually a breed of Spitz dog of Japanese origin, and the Cardigan.

Originally grouped as one by the Kennel Club

The Kennel Club involved in dogs’ welfare and activities such as dog shows, initially had registered Cardigan and Pembroke as one. This was in the year 1925, although it ended up creating a lot of issues and disagreements. During dog shows, the adjudicator could be biased toward one breed. However, after back and forth, although it is a friendly contention, it was finally agreed in the year 1934 that both be recognized as a separate breeds. As per the year 2020, the recognized breed is only 218, showing that the two Corgis being part of this is no mean feat.

The cost of Corgi dog

The Corgi breed does not come cheap, and if you wish to have one, you should be ready to spend for it. This breed will cost between 1000 to 2200 dollars. This can be attributed to its royal affiliations and also a perfect dog when it comes to a dog shows. However, a female corgi dog is more expensive than her male counterpart, even costing up to 3000 dollars. The cost of breeding a Corgi dog does also contribute to the high cost. Its price is about 5,000 dollars.

Reproduction of Corgi dogs

Corgis are mammals, and they reproduce through mating. The gestation period is about fifty to sixty-five days producing about 6 to 8 puppies. Due to increased scientific advancements, there are also more caesarian sections for this breed due to small numbers. This difficulty during birth for this breed is important to consult the experts who shall advise accordingly. They can determine the body formation of the male and female so that you don’t end up losing your corgi or the puppies.

Where corgi got the name

Corgis are a dog breed with two of Cardigan or Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Though the name has a different meaning wherein Celtic, it means dog in Welsh, it has a meaning of a dwarf dog. Actually, in Welsh, “Cor” means dwarf and “gi” dog. This breed is so described due to its short stature. History dates back to 1000 AD when this breed was used for herding in the rural areas of wales. The dog, whose scientific name is Canis lupus familiaris, belongs to the class of mammals, is ranked number thirteen (13) and sixty-eight (68) for Pembroke and Cardigan, respectively in the American Kennel Club. This ranking is based on the popularity of various dog breeds. There are various interesting facts you may need to know about Corgi’s dogs.

The health of Corgi dog

Generally, Corgis are healthy animals with few health issues. Though this is the case, they are quite expensive and thus you want to be sure of their health. Several bodies are mandated to give clearance certificates pertaining to a different health conditions. In the case of Pembroke, for example a clearance certificate from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals will give a green concerning conditions such as dysplasia and hypothyroidism.

Diet of Corgi dog

You should ensure that the diet needs of your corgi are well-taken care of. Though the two varieties may have different needs, the recommended daily intake should be about 180 grams to 400grams. You should consider factors such as size, level of activities, sex, and age. It would be best to be careful not to overfeed your dog to avoid issues such as obesity.

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