Five Corgi Mixed Breeds You May Not Have Heard Of


The corgi is a sweet dog that comes in two main breeds, and it’s kind of the same as far as looks go. Short and long, these are very wonderful dogs that make great pets, even if you aren’t much of a dog person to begin with. This is the kind of dog that just loves to live in the open land, a big space, probably a farm. However, he’s pretty adaptable and will live anywhere you bring him, but he might just try and herd your family. That’s okay as long as you’re all together, though, right? This dog is particularly sweet, intelligent and easy to train, which is what makes it such a fun dog to have around. While the corgi is a fairly well-known dog, it’s also one that many people have cross bred to create ‘designer’ dog mixes that you might not have heard of in the past. If you think you know all there is to know about this dog, you don’t. Here are five corgi mixes you’ve never heard of in your life.


When you cross a dalmation with a corgi, you’re bound to end up with something worth talking about, and you really are. This sweet dog is kind of small, not really as large as the dalmation can get. It’s a smaller dog that has the shape of a corgi but the look of a dalmation. Its long hair is replaced by shorter hair with spots so that it looks like an excellent mixture of both. Not enough is known about either breed together to figure out what kind of temperament a dog like this might have, but it’s suspected that the dog is typically a friendly, enthusiastic dog that makes for a great pet to have at home. This is not a dog you will need to worry about becoming aggressive or mean. It’s just going to be a great family dog no matter which parent’s personality it inherits.


The cross between a corgi and a poodle, this is a small dog that will melt your heart and stop you right in your tracks. They say anything mixed with a poodle is a smart and intelligent dog, and we don’t doubt that. This one also has looks going for it. It seems this small animal gets the best of both worlds in terms of intelligence and of looks, and that is precisely what makes it such a popular dog to have around the house. Friendly, sweet and energetic, this is a mix that will work well in a home with just one person, with multiple people, with other animals and with children. There are few things you have to worry about with this dog, including shedding. Being mixed with a poodle makes it a hypoallergenic dog, so that’s going to be a problem you get to ignore since it’s not going to happen to you.


This corgi is mixed with a sheltie and it’s got to be one of the prettiest dogs you ever did see. You know what both look like, and it might not be difficult to envision what they look like together. What’s in your head right now is exactly what you’re going to get when you mix these two breeds together. Since this is not one of the more common corgi mixes, there is very little information available as to what you can expect from this breed. However, like any other cross breed, you can take the two and research both breeds to see what might be the outcome from this breed. You could get a dog that behaves very much like a corgi or one that behaves very much like a sheltie. Or you might get one that’s a great mixture of both. There is no real way to know until you have the dog at home and spend some time getting to knew him or her.


A husky and a corgi met in a bar and then they had this adorable dog. Okay, so they did not meet in a bar. Or maybe they did. We don’t know for certain. The husky is a furry ball of fluff, and the corgi is a long-haired herding dog. The two together are just too cute for words. This is a sweet dog that will take on the look of both dogs in a pretty perfect marriage. It’s almost as if you can say that this particular mixed corgi breed is going to get the best of both worlds from its parents, and that makes it a very desirable animal to call your own. This is one you might have a bit more trouble finding, since it’s not always easy to locate breeders. The American Kennel Club, however, might be able to recommend something for you in terms of breeders so that you can find a puppy to bring home to your new family.


Now this is a dog. A German Shepherd Corgi mix, it’s about the funniest looking dog you will ever see, but you can’t help but love this little guy. The German Shepherd is a pretty big dog. It’s also a very intelligent dog. It is a very easily trained dog with a big personality and a great affinity for listening and learning. It’s a very protective dog. The corgi is one that is going to try and herd your family, and the shepherd is one that is going to try and protect it. This is a wonderful dog to have in a family with kids provided that the dog is socialized from an early age and your kids are taught immediately to respect the dog and its habits. Once you bring this dog home and he becomes part of the family, you will never have to worry that your kids won’t be safe in the yard whether it is from strangers or predatory animals that might wander or slither their way into your yard without you noticing what is happening until it’s too late.

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