Dog Found Covered in Tar, Stuck to Pavement Makes Amazing Transformation

As a child, you most probably remember playing in the muddy waters, and you became such a mess, but your parents would never throw you out or disown you. Instead, they gave you a warm bath and dressed you in clean clothes because they understood how naughty children can be. Our pets can also be a menace, but we love them to bits. Therefore the owner of a dog found covered in tar and stuck to the pavement, but which made incredible transformation must feel ashamed that he dumped his pet all because she looked dirty. The inhumane action ended up being for the best anyway because Champi did not deserve her human anyway. Let’s tell you how she ended up finding a loving home and what you can do if you find yourself with a tar-covered canine.

All she needed was some TLC

It is not clear if Champi was enjoying her walk alone or with her human when she got covered in tar and stuck to the pavement. What is clear is that if her human were humane enough, he would have done everything possible to get the canine out of her predicament. Instead, Champi was left there, and animal rescue staff barely recognized her. However, upon a closer look, they realized that she could barely move, so they had to carry her back to Animal Rahat, the rescue center, and see what they could do.

Cleaning up the tar proved to be a hectic job, but they did their best with vegetable and coconut oil. After four days, the dog’s fur no longer had tar, but it took much longer for the skin to heal, according to The Animal All the while, Champi put on a brave face despite the discomfort, and she finally was back to her usual self that included a cheerful personality and a brown and white fur coat.

Unfortunately, she did not have a home any longer, seeing that she had been dumped, and no one had bothered to look for her. Luckily she wormed her way into the heart of one of the staff members at the animal rescue center, resulting in Champi’s adoption. Loneliness is a thing of the past because the dog gets to play with other rescued animals, including chickens and dogs, enabling her to move on from her painful ordeal.

It is not the first case in India

Animal rescuers have a heart of gold as portrayed by the lengths they are willing to go to, to save the lives of animals. In Tirur, eight puppies were probably sleeping when a barrel of tar poured the thick black liquid on their tiny bodies. The pups struggled for eight hours to save themselves from the messy situation without success until one local, Mr. Jaleel, saw their plight and decided to contact Humane Society International. Once the volunteers arrived at the scene, they spent a few hours cleaning off the tar and were finally successful. Unfortunately, some of the puppies had been injured, and the animal rescue organization had to care for them. Humane Society International was also ready to vaccinate and sterilize them after two weeks to ensure they remained healthy.

Reshareworthy published a story similar to Champi’s. A dog had fallen in a pit of hot tar, and as it cooled, it hardened, causing his body to be rock solid such that he could barely move and was stuck to the ground; the only part he could move was his eyes. It took the pity of a concerned passerby to save the dog’s life by calling a local animal rescue group, Animal Aid Unlimited. Once again, the process of using vegetable oil to clean up the dog’s fur was used, and after two days, the dog could finally move.

Is tar toxic to your dog?

Dogs have been getting in sticky situations with tar for a long time, and in 2008 one pet owner was worried because his canine had been eating tar and appeared lethargic. According to a professional’s opinion in Just Answer, since the dog had been consuming the tar off his paws, he had ingested poisonous phenols. She advised him that tar contains corrosive chemicals, which could cause burning in the mouth and esophagus; hence the canine should not be made to vomit. Dr. Fiona explained that vomiting would cause more corrosion in the throat if the liquid were brought back up from the stomach. Moreover, phenols can damage the dog’s liver, heart, nervous system, and kidneys; eventually, the effects can be fatal.

That particular pet owner saw the dog eating tar, and sometimes, our dogs are exposed to the toxic substance from our ignorance. You might want a great-looking driveway, but do not be tempted to use coal-tar sealants. Once it rains or when you wash the driveway, the chemicals will find their way to your yard and form puddles; most likely, your dog will start licking the water. Even the mere walking on the wet driveways exposes them to danger if they start licking their paws.

What to do in case your dog comes into contact with tar

Pet Advice explains that even if you can use vegetable or coconut oil as the rescuers mentioned above did, you still have the option of applying peanut oil or Vaseline. You should allow the oil to sit in the fur for two hours before starting the cleanup process. Since it may not be enough to clean the tar with the oil alone, you may also have to wash your dog with liquid soap. However, sometimes our attempts are futile, and the only way is to shave the affected fur.

If the damage is internal, then a visit to your vet is compulsory. As we said earlier, tar is corrosive, and the damaged mucous membrane of the esophagus will not allow food to be orally given. As a result, your canine will have to be fed through a tube, and you should be patient because the healing process can take weeks. However, even before the extent of damage in the membrane is observed, precaution should be taken by giving your dog sucralfate to prevent damage to the stomach’s lining. Since that will have to be administered by the vet, at home, you can immediately give your dog a 50:50 mixture of milk and water, beginning with half a cup, then two tablespoons after every 25 minutes.

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