Dog Friends Rescued from “Bad Situation” Insist on Cuddling at All Times

The very idea that someone might get a dog as a pet and then fail to take care of it goes far beyond a description of a bad situation. There are a number of reasons that people might not be able to take care of their pets as much as they would like to. Sometimes it’s related to a decline in personal health and at other times, it’s about not having enough money to do everything that a person would like to do for their pet. Then you have those individuals that get animals and for one reason or another, they abuse them or they simply ignore them as if they don’t even exist. It makes you wonder why these people bother to get animals in the first place.

Such is the case with two dogs that recently came into an animal shelter, Susie Q and Charity. The former is a Miniature Pinscher mix and Charity is a Pitbull mix. The dogs were rescued by animal control from a person that wasn’t taking care of them and surrendered them when the dogs were seized due to a complaint. When they first came into the shelter, they were incredibly skinny because they hadn’t been fed a proper amount of food in weeks, if not months. In addition, they had certain health problems that are secondary to not being properly cared for, namely parasites. While they had some intestinal parasites, they both also suffered from a specific type of parasite that attacks the hair follicles and causes massive hair loss. As a result, the Pitbull, Charity, lost the majority of her hair.

You might think that all of this strife would make a dog weary of just about everything. These two haven’t let it faze them one bit. As a matter of fact, they’re so close that they were eventually put into the same enclosure and they’re never far apart from each other. When they sleep, they make sure that they’re always touching and even when they’re awake, they’re usually sitting side by side. The dogs have really endeared themselves to shelter staff, so much that they’re being sent to a different type of rescue facility that specializes in dealing with more difficult cases, all in hopes that the dogs can eventually be adopted out to a forever home. The most important thing is that the shelter staff has gone out of their way to ensure that the dogs stay together, no matter what. This is something the rescue facility that is taking on their care wholeheartedly agrees with. Therefore, anyone that’s interesting in adopting one dog must adopt the other. After all, it’s probably the worst thing a person could do to either one of these dogs if they were forced to be separated. Frankly, they’ve both been through enough and it simply wouldn’t be fair to put them through something that traumatic.

It seems that these two dogs formed a beautiful friendship, probably from the hardships they endured in their former home. Clearly, they weren’t well taken care of and they were largely ignored. It’s still not clear whether or not they actually suffered some type of abuse at the hands of their so-called owner. Whatever happened, it’s clear that both dogs were traumatized but more importantly, they were both able to overcome that trauma by relying on each other.

In reality, the dogs provide the perfect metaphor for the human race. If more people would rely on each other with the kind of trust and compassion that these two dogs routinely show, the world will be a much kinder and gentler place to live. Perhaps people will someday learn but until then, the dogs continue to do what they do because that’s what comes naturally to them. Maybe one day people will stand up and take note. The most interesting thing is that the dogs aren’t even making some grand gesture to teach people how to live. They’re merely doing what comes naturally to them. That being said, there is absolutely no doubt that they are leading by example, inspiring other people to reach out and take care of someone else that might be just a little less fortunate than themselves.

Maybe the reason that these dogs have gotten the attention of so many people around the country is because of the very fact that no matter what they’ve gone through, they haven’t allowed it to destroy their spirit. Instead, they made the decision to be there for each other and grow even closer. This is something that most people would probably like to exhibit, but for some reason, it seems to be a little more difficult for humans to pull it off than it is for animals.

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