Dogs Rescued From Chinese Slaughterhouse Flies Across the World to Meet Forever Family

Pearl Rescue

Most countries around the world have laws prohibiting slaughtering dogs and trading dog meat, but some countries do not have these laws. One such country is China, where there are still slaughterhouses for dog meat despite animal advocates fighting for the abolition of the dog meat trade. To rescue dogs from this cruel practice, three dog-loving women set up their own organization.

The Work of Slaughterhouse Survivors

Hayley, Aimee, and Emily were three ex-pats living In China. Three years ago, these three women rescued their first group of dogs who were set for slaughter at a slaughterhouse near to where they were all living. They knew that they needed to start a movement against this practice and founded Slaughterhouse Survivors together. Now, three years on, this is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs who have become part of the meat trade at slaughterhouses In China and finds them homes internationally. Their work means that there are many miraculous stories about dogs who have escaped death and found a loving home outside China.

Pearl’s Story

I Heart Dogs tells Pearl’s story. Pearl was set for slaughter at a Chinese slaughterhouse but was rescued and brought to California, United States, to find a new home. Her story is the heartwarming tale of a dog at the brink of death facing a tragic ending who was saved by animal lovers and is now living a happy life. When Slaughterhouse Survivors found Pearl, they didn’t know if she would make it as her condition was not good. She was suffering from a serious skin condition and had a missing limb, although they did not know why her limb was missing.

Over a two-month period, the team at Slaughterhouse Survivors worked hard bringing Pearl back to health so that they could find her a forever home. They started by giving her several medicated baths as a treatment for her skin condition. Next, they made sure she was well fed and given plenty of tender loving care. In just eight weeks, she was ready for the journey of a lifetime to California. An organization called Road Dogs and Rescue had collaborated with Aimee, Hayley, and Emily to achieve this trip. Road Dogs and Rescue is an organization that helps move dogs internationally so they can live in better conditions.

After arriving in California, Pearl was taken to her new foster home and it was then that she began showing her amazing personality. Although she was missing a limb, she did not let that slow her down and she had lots of fun with her three foster siblings. During her time at her foster home, she showed that she was a playful and loving dog. Although Pearl was very happy living at her foster home, it was important to find her a forever home that she could call her own. Road Dogs and Rescue spent months looking for someone who wanted Pearl in their home as part of their family. Eventually, they found the perfect adopter for Pearl; a woman who was a veterinarian. This was fantastic because it was possible that Pearl would need special care at some point, and this veterinarian was already qualified to provide this for Pearl.

A New Life for Pearl

Although California was where Pearl was living with her foster mom, her adoptive mom was a New York resident. This meant that another long trip was needed, but after her experience traveling from China, her second trip seemed easy. Once again, she had Road Dogs and Rescue as support for her journey. Pearl’s new mom was called Ashley, and it was immediately clear that they were meant for each other. Ashley promised that she would give Pearl the future she deserved as soon as she saw her. In addition to gaining a new mom, there was another bonus waiting for Pearl at her new home; a fluffy sister called Janet. Pearl and Janet soon became great friends. Ashley has said that Pearl is everything she imagined she would be and more.

Now, Pearl is very happy at her forever home as she has Janet as a playmate and Ashley who will give her lots of love and meet all her needs. There is only one problem left In Pearl’s life, and that is her missing limb. Although she is managing perfectly well getting around and doing everything she needs, her missing limb is putting a strain on her other joints, especially her hips. So that Pearl copes with this issue, Ashley has put her in pet rehabilitation. Although this might help in the short-term, it is probably not a long-term solution. For this reason, it is possible that Pearl may need an artificial limb later, and this is something that Ashley is already looking into.

Pearl’s life situation has transformed dramatically. While she was once facing death at a Chinese slaughterhouse, she is now living a happy and fulfilled life with a loving owner and a fluffy friend. She would not be living this life if it wasn’t for receiving support from organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors and Road Dogs and Rescue. It is they who have helped her to live the life she is now living.

Chinese Slaughterhouses and the Meat Trade

While Pearl’s story has a happy ending, there are millions of dogs who are not so lucky. According to Animals Asia, it is estimated that 10 million dogs and four million cats are slaughtered for the meat trade each year. Many animals slaughtered are family pets that have been snatched directly from the streets of China while still wearing their collars and then taken to a slaughterhouse.

Stopping this horrific practice is something that will not happen overnight. Organizations such as Slaughterhouse Survivors can only make a small impact as they can only rescue and find new homes for a small number of dogs at a time. Stopping this trade is an impossible task for them as it involves slaughtering millions of animals across the country every year. However, their hard work is invaluable, and it is possible for them to make a significant difference in the lives of dogs like Pearl, and Pearl is a perfect example of their many success stories. Hopefully, there will be many more success stories just like Pearl’s to come.

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