What to Expect from Finding Cane Corso Puppies to Bringing One Home

Cane Corso

Cane corso puppies are some of the most adorable puppies in the world, and that’s just one of the reasons so many people are so drawn to them. Of course, these are puppies that grow up to be quite large dogs; the cane corso is one of the largest dogs in the world. It’s big, powerful and what many people who are familiar with the breed refer to as a gentle giant. Of course, not everyone is familiar with the cane corso breed, and unless they interact first with puppies, they’re terrified of the breed.

When cane corso puppies grow up, they’re huge. They’re not mean or aggressive unless they are irresponsibility taught and trained to behave in this manner, but their large nature makes them a bit intimidating to others. However, this breed makes a wonderful companion and pet. You just have to know what to expect when it comes to choosing cane corso puppies, breeders and what t expect when you get that puppy home. Here is everything you need to know about cane corso puppies from the time you decide you want one until you bring him home.

Selecting a Breeder

Finding the right breeder from which to purchase a cane corso is a bit of a challenge. Your best bet is to ask around if you know someone who has one and want a good word-of-mouth recommendation. Additionally, you may even want to contact local vets, animal shelters and even dog breeder associations who can tell you where you should look for one.

When you find a breeder, you must go visit in person. Never pay for a puppy online before you’ve been to the breeder’s home. Check for cleanliness and the overall happiness of the puppies on site. You should see a house full of puppies that are exuberant and happy, excited, energetic and curious. You should not be taken to a house filled with puppies that are skittish, scared or nervous around people, as this could indicate that the breeder is not properly bringing the dogs up.

You also want to work only with breeders who will happily answer your many questions and who are happy to provide you with medical records of the puppies and the parents of the puppies. This helps you to see that the pups at which you are looking are being raised in a healthy environment with healthy parents, and that they’re not prone to health issues.

Bringing Home a Puppy

Once you select a dog from a breeder, you’re going to have to prep to bring him home. You’ll need a collar, a leash, a tag, a training collar, a bowl for food, a bowl for water, treats, toys, a bed and even a fence in your yard. The most important thing you’ll need, however, is a crate that’s going to grow with your puppy. If you don’t already have these things, now is the time to get them. You’re not going to want to get your dog home and then go get these things.

Now that your puppy is ready to come home, you need to know what to expect. This is a puppy that has a lot of energy and is going to get in a fair amount of trouble if you’re not careful with him. This is a curious puppy who wants to explore, get into anything he sees and make a mess. You’re going to want to get your personal belongings out of his way before he makes toys of them and potentially destroys them. You’re also going to want to start your obedience training immediately. Additionally, this is a dog that cannot be left on its own very often; it becomes very bored and likely destructive when alone for long periods of time.


These dogs need someone to look up to. They require some dominance in their lives or they will turn into the dominant being in the house. You have to be gentle but firm, and never waver. This is a dog that will become very large, and that could mean he is very unmanageable if you don’t get control over him as a pup.

Along with proper training, your dog is going to need a lot of socialization beginning at a very young age. Cane corso puppies not socialized with other people, children and animals are going to end up being more aggressive toward them as they become older. You want to ensure that your dog is going to be good with kids and other animals, especially. You can expect that this dog is going to be very protective, but frequent socialization is going to help your dog learn the difference between friend and foe, and learn to obey you when you give it a command.

Ownership of a Cane Corso

Having a dog like this in your home means several things for you. For one, you have to work hard to make sure that this dog understands commands, because it’s large. The last thing you want is a large dog that doesn’t listen. This could be potentially disastrous. You should also expect this dog not to realize how big he or she is. This is a dog that things nothing of trying to sit on your lap and cuddle at full size, which is normal for him or her. You, on the other hand, might not be so appreciative of having a dog this large sitting on you and cutting off your ability to move or breathe, which is why it’s important to teach him basic commands.

Owning this dog means you’ll be taking a lot of long walks, spending a lot of time outdoors and you’ll be stopped a lot in public. Most people are not used to seeing such a large, beautiful animal. They’ll want to talk to you, get to know your dog and they’ll slow you down on a regular basis. It helps to have some serious patience and an ability to kindly tell strangers when you are in a hurry so that you don’t miss out on things you need to do.

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