Five Must Have Winter Products for Your Dog

As a dog owner, it is important to make sure your dog is safe, happy, and healthy at all times. There are various aspects of meeting these responsibilities, including giving them a good diet, providing a comfortable living environment, and keeping up to date with veterinarian appointments. The seasons can also present different challenges in achieving this and you may need to buy different products for seasonal purposes. In the winter, the biggest challenge is the weather conditions. Here are five winter products you should buy to keep your dog safe, warm, healthy, and happy in the winter months.

1. A Dog Coat

Although most dog breeds have natural oils in their coat that will protect them from getting soaked through to their skin in the rain, this is not sufficient to keep them dry and warm in heavy rain, snow, or hail. These conditions can leave your pet feeling cold, wet, and uncomfortable. It can take them a while to dry off and warm up when returning home from their walk. The best solution to this problem is to buy them a nice, warm, dog coat that has a waterproof exterior. This will keep the main part of their body dry and warm in most conditions. There are many styles available and you can buy the most appropriate size for your dog. Some have extra features, such as pockets in which you can put your poop bags.

2. Booties

Dogs’ paws can protect them from lots of things, but the ice and snow are uncomfortable for them. The best way to protect them from the cold conditions underfoot is to buy your dog a pair of waterproof booties to wear while out on walks in the winter months. These can also protect your dog from coming into contact with harmful chemicals, such as de-icer.

3. Healing Balm

Just like humans, dogs can experience chapping to their extremities when exposed to cold weather. Humans will often get chapped hands, lips, and noses when they spend time outside in the cold. The body parts of a dog that are usually affected are their noses and their paws. A healing balm is a product that you can use for both prevention and cure of chapped areas. Applying it to your dog’s nose and paws before heading outside can reduce the risk of them developing chapping to these areas. Putting on some more at home will reduce the severity of the discomfort they are experiencing as a result of chapping. It soothes and moisturizes the skin so that your dog has less irritation, itching, and discomfort.

4. Dog-Safe Ice-Melting Salt

One of the greatest hazards for dogs in the winter months is toxins. The chemicals in products for melting the snow or ice are extremely dangerous for dogs. People use them to de-ice their cars or to get rid of snow and ice from their driveways or the sidewalk. The chemicals in these products can enter your dog’s bloodstream through their paws when they walk on areas that the products have been used. They can also ingest the chemicals by eating the snow or drinking the water from melted ice. One way of reducing this hazard is to buy dog-safe ice-melting salt. By using this, your dog is not in danger in the area surrounding your home. However, it will not protect them if you walk in other areas, so make sure they are wearing booties and do not allow them to eat the snow.

5. Potty Pads

Going outdoors to do their business is unpleasant for dogs if your garden is covered in snow or ice. It is particularly problematic for smaller dogs as even a few inches of snow can mean walking outdoors in the snow that extends above their legs and onto their trunks. A solution to this problem is to buy potty pads so that your dog can relieve itself indoors when the outdoor conditions are extreme. You will need to train your dog to use these in a designated area of your home. The pads soak up your dog’s urine and you can simply scoop up any feces before disposing of the potty pads. This is a mess-free option that allows your dog to stay comfortable even in cold weather.

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