Five Ways to Tell if Your Dog Toys are Safe

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We all love dogs, obviously. And a big part of that can also mean spoiling our dogs, even if we don’t mean to. Buying our dog all manners of treats and dog toys, and anything else we think will make it happier. But what we need to think about when getting our dog’s toys is, are these toys both safe and practical? They might be cute, they might look fun, but are they safe? Here are five ways to ensure your dog toys are safe.

Factor in Size

People do not think about this enough with it comes to dog toys. You need to ensure the dog toys are the right size for the dog. In other words, no choking hazards. If the toy is so small it could get lodged in the dog’s throat, that is no toy for your dog. Sadly any big dogs choke on tennis balls every year and people don’t seem to know this.


It is a strangely shaped toy that the dog could swallow or even potentially lose an eye on? Factoring in size and shape can be essential when assuring the toys you get for your dog are safe for it. See above example if needed.

What It’s Made Of

The reality is, people do not factor in material often when buying a dog toy. There some places that just want to make a cheap buck and could use certain plastics that are more likely to give off toxins into the dog’s system over time. Remember, you often pay for what you get, so trying to save a buck at the dollar store is a bad idea here.

Factor in Age and Environment

Your dog may have a felt toy that it loves, but guess what? If it has loved, slobbered, and drooled over that thing for a year, it is nasty and viral. We know you don’t want to seem like a jerk, but sometimes replacing older toys with new ones is needed for sanitary and safety reasons.


We like ended a lot of our lists with “check with your vet” because, in reality, that is your best call. If you have a toy for your dog you are worried about, bring the toy and the dog in and ask. It can save Fido’s life in the long run.

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

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