Florida Doctor Saves Dog whose Leash was Stuck in a Moving Elavator

A Florida doctor, in a rare show of brilliance, saved a dog caught up in a moving elevator. By the time of the rescue, the dog was already rising, and the scene could have ended up catastrophic. The event happened swiftly and took a moment of quick thinking for the doctor to save the situation. Dr. Mohammed Awad had just left his parents in Olympus Harbor Island Apartments in Tampa when he noticed the woman leaving the elevator while the dog stuck rising on the air.

Background of the Rescue

While the leash is predominantly worn for dogs for protective purposes, the owner should be careful when using the elevator. In the case of underestimation, one can easily assume that the whole length is fully out or in the elevator car. Once the elevator door closes, it starts moving to other floors, with the leash pulling along the dog leading to choking and death. Thankfully for this case, when Dr. Awad intervened to rescue the dog was still alive, though on the brink of death. From the video that Dr. Awad uploaded on his Facebook page, he is seen putting down a plate then running towards the elevator where the dog is stuck. In a swift course of action, Dr. Awad tried opening the elevator door unsuccessfully. It is only after subsequent harder trials that he managed to free the dog, to the gratitude of the owner. From how much the dog was shaking, and the owner visibly distraught, it was heroism at its best.

Points to Note

The nature of the doctor saving the dog being a coincidence makes it quite iconic. It underlines the need to be ever vigilant in whatever you do. You might be the cause of an accident like the dog owner or the savior like Dr. Awad. Here are some of the other most important factors to note about the story of the doctor saving a dog stuck on the elevator.

  • Elevator Safety for Dogs – Most elevators in apartments and other buildings are generally safe for pet use. To be sure, though, before you bring your dog into an elevator, ensure it allows for dogs. Also, check out for what the premises provisions on how to handle animals on the elevator. Otherwise, it is up to you to ensure you keep your dog safe on every elevator you occupy with your dog.
  • Letting your Dog off the Leash – Given that a dog leash caused the whole debacle, you must understand the type of dog leash you use to ensure safety. A dog leash is crucial in keeping the dog safe, whether in training or for walks. Other dog owners also use the leash for protection from other dogs or control the dog during veterinary visits. While they are essential, dogs can do entirely without the strap. Consider doing away with the leash when in enclosed areas or around the house. According to Preventive Vet, leaving your dog off the leash has some positive effects than most dog owners realize. Lease-free dogs can play and train freely, develops more confidence, and gets to burn excess energy. That is not to say getting the dog off the leash is an easy task. It is quite hectic and requires you to follow laid down guidelines. You have to train your dog on how to behave even without the leash. To ensure the safety of your dog even without the leash, you can opt for ID tags and microchips. The labels and microchips allow you to include essential details about the dog that helps in tracing when lost. You can also consult a professional trainer to help you get your dog off the leash. You can even train them on complex commands.
  • Animal Owner Negligence – It is your duty as a dog owner to ensure the safety of your dog at all times. The dog owner failed to care for her dog in this case. By letting the dog to get caught while riding up the elevator, the owner risked the dog’s life immensely. The dog would have most likely suffered physical injuries and even death. Due to the hazardous nature of elevators to dogs, take safety precautions when using one with your dog. For a dog on a leash, tightly hold the leash next to you while keeping it as short as possible. Only push the floor button when the dog and the leash are entirely in or out of the elevator. It all depends on your destination. When you occupy the elevator, take the rear side while the dog stays beside you. Lastly, check all the emergency buttons and dials such that you can stop anytime you notice anomalies.
  • Vigilance at all times – The fast reaction by Dr. Mohammed to notice a dire situation and save the dog is a clear indication of the need for staying alert to your environment. Even though a human physician, Dr. Mohammed, handled the dog to safety, which shows how much staying alive to the moment is essential.  This is not the only case of a dog caught in an elevator. NBC News reported another instance barely weeks earlier. This implies that more cases are likely to happen. Thus, when you are walking around, with a dog or not, you have to stay alive to your environment. Don’t just look out for dogs but any other possible cause of an accident.


The phrase, “not all heroes wear capes” never runs old. In this case, Dr. Mohammed Awad was the hero for saving the dog on the verge of death. Remember always to keep your dog safe. Anytime you are using a leash on your dog in an elevator, keep it as short as possible. From time to time also feel free to let the dog free from the leash. Ultimately, it would be best if you stay alert to your surroundings at all times.

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