Fun Facts about the Adorable French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Since most everyone in the country watches Modern Family you should know precisely what a French bulldog looks like. It’s Jay’s beloved little Stella, the tiny little dog with the fun ears that the rest of the family is a bit ambivalent toward. In real life, however, we are willing to be everyone in the cast loves the dog that portrays Stella, because she is really just the most adorable little dog in the world. She’s a classic Frenchie with her little bat ears and her tiny face; and we just adore this dog. If you’ve never seen one in person, it’s a shame. They make great little dogs, they’re very cute and they’re actually really good house pets. They’re small, which people love. However, they’re very fun dogs. They’re known as being very loyal and affectionate, but also being very playful when in the mood. What so many people love about this dog is the fact that it requires very little grooming, and it’s a good watch dog. It’s not going to attack anyone, but it’s going to let you know when the mail arrives or the Girl Scouts are headed up the driveway. If you’re not overly familiar with this breed, you might be interested in learning a few fun facts about the French bulldog, and we have them right here.

They’re More Popular than Ever

All of a sudden the Frenchie is making its way back up the list of most popular dogs. Maybe it’s all the movies that this breed has roles in, or the television shows in which the breed is portrayed that has people all over the world looking to adopt or purchase their own little Frenchie. We are not entirely certain what the change was, but it does appear that you will be seeing a lot more of these dogs in the near future as more and more people get them for themselves.

They Have Two Different Ears

No, your French bulldog will not actually have two different ears on its head. In fact, it will actually have the same two ears. However, the standard ears – known as bat ears – are the only ones that qualify this dog as a show dog. But there are dogs from this breed that have ears that more closely resemble that of a rose. They’re not as easy to find, and they’re not considered eligible for show; but they do make cute house pets. If you find a rose-eared Frenchie, consider yourself lucky not to be in show. You wouldn’t be able to enter and your dog would not be considered as part of the official breed. It’s a very interesting standard if you take the time to do the research.

A French Bulldog was Aboard the Titanic

Most people are unaware of this little fact, but we think it’s an interesting one. A man by the name of Robert W. Daniel had a French bulldog that he showed professionally. The dog was a major champion, and it was a very expensive little dog. If you account for the price of inflation, this dog would have cost more than a small car today. The dog was brought aboard the ship that would hit an iceberg and sink, and it would not live. His owner, however, did survive the shipwreck, and we are certain he missed his champion dog terribly.

They’re Popular Because of the Waldorf Astoria

One of my favorite hotels in New York City, the Waldorf Astoria, gets some of the credit for making this breed so popular in this country. It was in the late 1890s that the hotel hosted a ballroom gathering all about this particular breed. The press was on hand to provide ample coverage to the event, which started a frenzy in America. Suddenly everyone wanted this breed and that is what spiked the local popularity of this adorable little dog and its infectious nature.

They Need Air Conditioning

The American Kennel Club states that while this is a dog that does need to be walked and does require a little bit of exercise, it needs to be kept inside for the most part when the weather is warm. Perhaps its very small body becomes overheated easily. All we know is that if you have a French bulldog and you live somewhere in which the summer days are very warm, do your best to keep this dog inside or risk your dog overheating.

They’re Not French

The French bulldog is not quite aptly named. In fact, this is a dog that does live in France (and all over the world) but the origin of the breed is actually English. The name was given to the dog following a time when many English natives were forced to leave their homes and travel to France for work. The dog was named there, and it just happened to stick. These English dogs, for some reason, did not get to have a name that ties into their real origin, so most people mistakenly assume that their little dogs are just French. They’re not. I mean, they could be, but they’re not, technically.

The French Working Girl Loved this Breed

Centuries ago, the French bulldog was quite popular among the working women of France. These women, who just loved this little breed, actually began calling it by its current name. So the next time someone asks you about yours, you can say that according to PawNation, this dog was named by the working girls of France. It’s a fun fact everyone will get a kick out of.

Weight Matters

If you thought being a man or woman who looks and feels good is stressful when it comes to your weight, try being a French bulldog. This is an animal that actually has to be under 28 pounds or it cannot be used as a show dog. If your dog is more than this and you want to show him or her, you can’t. Keep that doggie on a diet to keep his or her weight in check.

Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American Kennel Club

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