How to Tell if Your Dog is Truly Happy to See You


It turns out that all these years of deciphering if your dog is truly happy to see you might be coming to a close.   A study was recently conducted in Japan where scientists did research on 12 different dogs to determine facial and body cues, if any, that would determine a dog’s happiness.   The experts at Azabu University had some interesting results.

“If they were presented with an object they didn’t like, such as a pair of nail clippers, the animals moved their right ear,” The Telegraph’s Richard Gray wrote. “They found that the dogs tended to move their left eyebrow upwards around half a second after seeing their owner [or someone they like],” he adds.

So right ear is bad, and left eyebrow is good.  “Eyebrow movement might indicate a visible response where by dogs attempted to look at their owners more intently,” says Dr. Miho Nagasawa, one of the researchers involved the study.  The eyebrow movement is also known to be specific to humans.   The proof is that the eyebrows didn’t move when presented with toys or other visual stimuli.  The eyebrow movements were emotional.

What if your dog is smiling at your but their right ear moves???  The study didn’t mention anything about that.

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