The Importance of Buying The Right Sized Collar

We would like you to take one moment to imagine what it would be like to have to wear a collar. To feel something wrapped around your neck, tight like a collar is. Can you imagine how that would feel? The way it would chafe every time you turn your head? The way it would make you feel like you were being choked at all times while wearing it? It mustn’t be very pleasant, right? So you can imagine how important it is that you buy the correct sized collar for your dog, right?

Think about it, if the collar is even a little bit too small, that can cause serious skin problems and aggravation. The other problem is, if it is too small,  you will have no way of knowing until there is already some damage done. Generally, believe it or not, you want collars that are slightly too big. Keep in mind, if it is a big enough collar for the dog to get out of, that is useless and pointless. But the collar needs to be big enough so that the dog has room to move its neck without getting a rash or skin lesions.

Also, think of the material the collar is made of. Leather seems to be a big one for dog lovers, but how about furry leather, or maybe even something softer, but just as strong? Our point here is, if you had to wear a collar every time you went outside, you would want it to be comfortable and not hurt you.

So think along the same lines when choosing the right collar for your dog.

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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