Is The Future of Dog Training Virtual Classes?

With the recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, the services previously offered for dog training have been put on hold. Trainers are sheltering in their homes and obeying stay at home orders with most of the rest of the population, but this leaves the masses of new dog owners with a shortage of available training options. The Paws Abilities organization or Oronoco, Minnesota is one of the more popular training facilities for dogs in the area, but trainers are not able to hold sessions currently but they’ve become creative in meeting the growing need for dog training by taking their talents to an online platform.

Virtual sessions

The Trainers at Paws Abilities are not new to virtual training technology, in fact, it’s a practice that they adopted a few years ago. This service was offered in addition to the traditional classes that were offered in person at the facility. The only change is that now all of the classes offered are done online. Many pet owners who are in need of the classes are happy to have the resource to teach their dogs the skills they need to learn from home. All dog owners need is access to audio and video and an online connection to participate.

Resources for online dog training

Paws Abilities provides a tutorial to help new participants get started and to work out the kinks before actual training begins. Owners are able to sign up for online classes by going to the organization’s official website to sign up. This is just one of the many agencies offering these services in an online format.

Another popular online training dog course is the Karen Pryor Academy offering a fundamentals course for positive reinforcement clicker training for dogs. This is an online course that is recommended not only for dog owners but also for pet professionals and aspiring trainers. For $249 you can access 28 fun training activities, 40 demonstration videos and work towards 20 learning goals with one on one instructor assistance as needed.

Catch Dog Training offers a variety of online resources for pet owners, pet foster homes, aspiring trainers and those who are serious about using this downtime to become a state-licensed dog trainer. They offer all of the courses that are needed to gain certification in this valuable skill so if your thing is dog training, you can start your own business. With the high numbers of pet owners who are staying home these days, this is an excellent opportunity to add on a side interest if you already have a career and are looking for something interesting and fun to do on the side.

There are also free videos available

If you can’t afford to enroll in dog training courses that charge a fee for services, there are also some great free training videos out there. These informational videos give you some great insights into dog behaviors and help to enhance your skills in successfully training your dog for achieving the best possible behaviors. Of course, in most cases, when you go with something that is free, you truly get what you pay for. The one on one assistance isn’t available and this can be a definite downside, especially if you have a dog who is experiencing some significant behavioral issues.

There are other courses offered for as low as $37 such as the Spirit Dog Training online course. This is a course that is designed for pet owners of dogs of all ages and levels of training in a video format. This company also offers master trainers courses for anyone who is interested in becoming a licensed dog trainer. They are currently running a special for their course that is usually over $500 at a discount with a final cost of just $199.

Is the future of dog training in virtual classes?

From the evidence that we’ve gathered, it does look like the future of dog training may well be in virtual classes. There are a few different reasons we have come to this conclusion. In light of the need for social distancing virtual communication is the only feasible way to conduct dog training classes. It is unknown when the stay at home orders will be lifted or modified, making it impossible for nonessential services to resume normally. After the crisis passes, there is the lingering threat that the virus will make another round in the fall, leaving us in very uncertain times. People are likely to be more mindful of social interactions with those who are not family or close friends after the traumatic events of the 2019-2020 outbreak of COVID-19. Another factor is for the sake of convenience. The pandemic is necessitating virtual dog training classes, but this platform is certainly nothing new. Video courses and virtual training has been around for several years because some pet owners do not have the time to schedule regular sessions.


Dog training classes are still available for those who don’t mind interacting in a virtual setting. Anyone interested in becoming a trainer can easily find courses to help prepare for a license. Although the traditional classroom is no longer an option, technology allows us to continue receiving these helpful services from bona fire professionals in the industry. This may in fact be the wave of the future as more trainers are realizing that there is a strong market for virtual sessions. Humans adapt to their ever-changing environment and with the current social climate, more people are taking advantage of this valuable and convenient resource. We believe that even after the current epidemic passes the virtual classroom will become a new trend in the industry that will stick for the reasons cited above. It offers a great way to train our pets from the convenience and comfort of our own homes.

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