Dog Cuddles with Baby Deer Until it Finds a Rescue Home

Dog rescues baby deer

Imagine what it would be like to walk out on your front porch one morning and find a baby deer lying in your driveway, looking right at you. This is what happened to one individual living in Tennessee recently. He documented the entire thing on social media. Considering the fact that he lives in the woods in Tennessee, it’s not that unusual that a baby deer would find its way onto his property. What is unique is that the deer was alone. The truly touching thing involves the actions of his dog, Zoey.

A Scared Baby Deer

Truth be told, the individual in question said that he took the baby deer back out into the woods after finding it in the driveway the first day. This was all in hopes that the deer would eventually be reunited with its mother. The idea was to simply allow nature to take its course, allowing the deer and the mother to be reunited and then go on their merry way. Unfortunately, the baby deer ended up back in his driveway the very next day. Upon closer inspection, it became obvious that the deer had some health problems that were making it difficult for it to do anything but lie there. More specifically, it was dehydrated and it had an infection in one eye because there were so many ticks attached to it. Zoey the dog had decided to befriend the deer, making it all the more poignant for Zoey’s owner to do whatever he could to help take care of the frail little deer.

Caring for the Baby Deer

Unfortunately, it quickly became rather obvious that the deer’s mother was not coming back. Fortunately, Zoey’s owner also keeps goats on the property and was able to give the deer goat’s milk, both rehydrating her and replenishing her strength. He also took the time to pick all of the ticks off of her and apply Neosporin to her eye where it was infected. As you can imagine, the deer had to have been quite weak to allow someone to do all of this without objecting. This just goes to show how badly the poor thing needed help. Perhaps that is exactly why she wound up in his driveway two days in a row to begin with.

Zoey the Dog

Whatever the reason that the deer ended up there, Zoey the dog quickly became friends with it, cuddling it and staying with it until it was well enough to get back on its feet. When the deer would lay in the driveway, Zoey would go out and lay beside it. Both animals seemed to be happy to be near each other and Zoey seemed to give the baby deer the emotional support that she needed, not having her mother around. Rest assured, Zoey seemed just as happy to have the deer’s company as she was to provide comfort.

Animals Helping Each Other

As it turns out, this isn’t the first time that a dog and a deer in need have teamed up with each other in order to provide assistance. A different dog in another state, Virginia to be exact, also found a deer in trouble recently and did everything possible to help. In this particular case, the deer was drowning in a pond. The dog came across it and actually went into the pond to pull the deer out. The dog was successful in this endeavor, effectively saving the deer from drowning. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that the dog stayed with the deer, even after pulling it out of the pond in order to give it a chance to regain its strength before moving on.

Friends Until the End

These aren’t the only two stories that prove that dogs and deer can be friends. There is another story about a deer that was actually raised with dogs, even to the point of copying their mannerisms and acting more like a dog than a deer. It goes to show that animals of all kinds can befriend each other. They don’t have to be exactly alike in order to be close, something that many humans still haven’t managed to learn.

Inspiration for Another Day

There is little doubt that these types of stories provide inspiration to people all over the world, proving that there is still kindness left in the world. Even on days where it seems like there is virtually no good left in it, stories like this prove otherwise. If animals can find a way to help each other when they are in need, even when they have more differences than similarities, it’s not outside of the realm of possibility to believe that people can also do the same thing. For now, the story that just went viral about Zoey the dog and the sick baby deer is enough to warm the hearts of even the most stoic individuals. If you have any doubt about that fact, all you need to do is see pictures or watch the video of this sweet senior dog with a smile on her face as she cuddles the baby deer. By all accounts, the deer was just as happy with Zoey. Clearly, the two of them needed each other. Fortunately, they found one another when it mattered the most.

Over the years, various animals have demonstrated this type of caring about other animals when they were either sick or injured. In some cases, it’s because animals have found themselves unexpectedly in trouble, such as the case with the fawn that was drowning in the pond. Whatever the case might be, it’s frequently dogs that come to the rescue. Dogs just like Zoey have an innate instinct to care for other living beings, whether they’re dogs, human beings or other animals. Perhaps this is exactly why so many people have a love for dogs and why they have correctly been coined man’s best friend for years.

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