Dog Survives Greek Wildfire and Gets Rescued from Brick Oven

There are just some stories that cannot be made up. According to a story published in USA Today, a dog covered in soot was found inside a brick oven after somehow surviving wildfires that ravaged villages across a region of Greece. Based on the account of sources, the dog somehow survived the wildfire and was able to survive by hiding in brick over — of all places. As a general rule, when attempting to dodge fires and extreme heat, an oven is not the first choice for a hiding place. But, tell that to the soot-covered dog that was rescued after surviving some deadly wildfires in Greece.

This white poodle mix obviously has a strong desire to live. The dog was rescued by a volunteer who was searching for survivors in the area, east of Athens. The dog, who has been named Loukoumakis by the vet that treated him, was lying in the corner of a large brick oven when he was discovered by the volunteer. They were able to calm the dog with the offer of food and water. As you can imagine, after an ordeal like that, the dog was both, thirsty and hungry.

There are a lot of theories as to how the dog was able to survive fires that ravaged everything in their path. The most viable explanation is actually a very simple one. Being that brick oven are made to conduct and control heat, the oven worked in reverse of its intended design. Because the oven is designed to keep heat in, when the heat sources is a fire inside of the oven, it was able to keep the heat of the fire out when the heat was on the outside.

While I am sure that there was a lot of smoke in the area, the heat was more than likely at a minimum inside that oven. What I am wondering is what led the dog into the over in the first place. Was it a simple case of the dog running out of options and being funneled into the one place that was safe for him, or was it some sort of instinct that made him aware of the safe haven that the oven would provide? It is not likely that we will ever really know the answer to that question.

Here is what we do know. A beautiful poodle mix decided that he did not want to die and he did everything that he could to stay alive. He kept moving away from the flames until he found a place in which the flames and heat would have the least amount of impact on him. It is likely that the ashes that were in the oven also assisted in keeping the dog cool enough to survive Even with the oven serving to reduce the heat of the fire, it is still likely that the heat was still very intense, so the ability of the dog to stay in his hiding place despite the fear he must have been experiencing.

As you can imagine, the dog has become somewhat of a celebrity in the area. In a time when an area has experienced such devastation and loss, stories like this tend to build hope and anticipation that things will get better. No, it does not erase all of the horrible things that these villagers experienced, but there is just something about a resolution that simply will not give up.

According to those close to the story, although the original owners of the dog have not been identified or located, there is absolutely no problem with finding him a place to crash. A woman in Greece who has a history of dealing with lost and stray animals, Antonia Paraschou, has committed to taking the dog in. Not only is Antonia taking the dog in, she is giving him a permanent home through permanent adoption. On a sadder note, authorities in the area estimate that at least 90 people in the area were not as fortunate as the dog. While this number could change in either direction, the loss of 91 lives is horrific by any stretch, but hopefully the story of resilience associated with Loukoumakis will be inspiring and empowering enough to get things moving in a positive direction.

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