Tiny Puppy Thrown Away in Plastic Bag Gets Rescued

Plastic Dog Pup

Sometimes, people become pet owners and then decide they do not want the pet. There are many reasons for this, such as a pet having an unwanted litter, financial restraints, illness or bereavement, and a lack of understanding of the responsibilities involved in becoming a pet owner. In these situations, they will often give their pet to an animal-loving friend or have the responsibility to hand over the animal to an animal shelter. Unfortunately, some people do not take these sensible steps and they try to dispose of the animal in a cruel or neglectful way. Sadly, one poor puppy was heart-wrenchingly discarded by its owner as though it was no more than garbage. This is the terrible situation that staff from Coolronan Dog Shelter were forced to deal with when they received a call about an abandoned puppy. It had been a normal day at the shelter before the telephone rang. The call had come from a woman who was concerned about the welfare of a tiny puppy she had found.

The woman had been walking through the neighborhood near her home in Ireland when she heard a whimpering and whining sound coming from a plastic bag lying on the ground, says The Dodo. She was horrified to see a small face peering back at her when she opened the bag, and she contacted the rescue shelter immediately. As soon as they received the call, rescuers from the shelter went straight to the scene, and they were shocked by what they found. A tiny puppy that was no more than five weeks old had been discarded in a plastic bag and then left alone to die by its previous owners. The pup was too young to have been separated from its mother, and it should still have been feeding from its mom at that point. If the woman hadn’t come across the bag and discovered the puppy, it is likely that the small creature would have died.

According to I Heart Dogs, the dog had a skinny frame and big brown eyes. Therefore, it is not surprising that Chris Kelley and Ramona Cunningham, the owners of the shelter, fell in love with the little pup. As soon as they saw him, they knew they had to take care of him. The first step was to get the pup checked out by a veterinarian. It was discovered that the poor dog was suffering from severe malnutrition and was extremely dehydrated. The veterinarian sent the dog home with his owners with medication to improve his condition and instructions on how they could nurse the sick pup back to good health. Ramona describes how the dog was so weak and emaciated that he could hardly stand. This was because he was so malnourished that he had lost muscle mass on his back legs.

When Chris and Ramona took the abandoned dog home, they decided to give him a special name. They chose the name Little Bobby in memory of one of their dogs that had died the previous week that was also called Bobby. Now that he was receiving good care from responsible animal lovers and he had his own name, Little Bobby could begin the road to recovery. Although it took some time, Little Bobby began to rebuild his strength. He regained some of the muscle mass on his back legs, and this meant he could run around just like any other happy puppy. Ramona updated everyone on social media by saying that the pup was getting stronger every day and that he was eating everything in sight.

Ramona’s social media posts began to attract a lot of attention to Little Bobby as people fell in love with the adorable photographs of the little dog. There was even a lot of interest from people following his story who wanted to adopt the dog themselves. Although Chris and Ramona were grateful for this outpouring of love for the dog, it began to make them feel sad at the thought of him being adopted and leaving their home. The couple put a lot of thought into the situation, and they decided that they could not bear to say goodbye to the cute pup. It was his little face that was melting Ramona’s heart, as she said that it was full of character. They realized that the situation was a foster fail and that they could not give him up. Instead, they decided they would officially adopt Little Bobby themselves so that they did not need to say farewell.

Now Chris and Ramona report that Little Bobby is doing extremely well, despite the rough start he had in life. He has become a proper member of their family, and their other dogs get along well with him. However, Ramona has said that he prefers human company over spending time with his new canine friends. She has also described him as having a cheeky personality and displaying a level of loyalty that is unusual for a pup that is so young. Little Bobby has a particularly strong bond with Chris, who loves the dog just as much as the dog loves him. Ramona has said it is sweet watching them together. She also commented that their other six dogs are female, so it is about time that Chris had some male company in their home.

Chris and Ramona have continued to post updates about his progress on social media as they are pleased to share his happy ending. They have also used the posts as a way of showing their gratitude for all the love and support they have received since taking Little Bobby home. He may once have been an unwanted and abandoned pup, but his life was completely transformed when he was found and rescued. Little Bobby is now a very loved and wanted family pet who is in good health and is receiving the care and love he deserves.

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