10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Jackchi

There is enormous interest in combining the best characteristics of different dog breeds. As a result, there are numerous hybrid breeds that have proven to be popular enough to receive their own name. One excellent example would be the Jackchi, which was bred from Jack Russell terriers and Chihuahuas. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about the Jackchi:

1. Has Other Names

Hybrid breeds don’t have the same level of recognition as pure breeds. Thanks to this, it is very common for them to have more than one name. Fortunately, most examples are very easy to recognize because they are a combination of parts of the two parent breeds’ names. This can be seen in how the Jackchi is sometimes called either the Jackhuahua or the Jackahuahua.

2. Bred From the Jack Russell Terrier

Terriers are dogs meant to hunt vermin. In the Jack Russell terrier’s case, it was meant to hunt foxes, which have been known to predate upon pets as well as livestock. As for the man who created the breed, it should come as no surprise to learn that his name was Reverend John “Jack” Russell, thus explaining the breed name. On the whole, Jack Russell terriers are a very well-known breed, not least because a number of them have managed to become famous via the screen.

3. Bred From the Chihuahua

Dogs have been in Mesoamerica since prehistoric times. Unfortunately, while Chihuahuas retain some pre-colonial ancestry, most of their ancestry comes from post-colonial sources. In any case, the breed is named for the Mexican state, which in turn, is named for its capital city. Supposedly, Chihuahua comes from the Nahuatl xicuahua, which means something along the lines of “dry, sandy place.” This is very appropriate because the Mexican state is best-known for the Chihuahuan Desert.

4. Tends to Be Born From a Jack Russell Terrier

Interested individuals should distinguish between first-generation Jackchis and the descendants of first-generation Jackchis. It is interesting to note that most examples of first-generation Jackchis have Jack Russell terrier mothers rather than Chihuahua mothers. There is nothing mysterious about this. After all, while Jack Russell terriers are a small breed, they still tend to be bigger than Chihuahuas. As a result, having a Jack Russell terrier mother rather than a Chihuahua mother is helpful for reducing the chances of birthing complications.

5. Can See Significant Variation From Dog to Dog

Hybrid breeds are nowhere near as well-established as pure breeds. Thanks to this, there is more variation between members of hybrid breeds. Sometimes, a Jackchi will look more like a Jack Russell terrier. Other times, a Jackchi will look more like a Chihuahua. It is important to note that this variation is not limited to the external. The temperament of a hybrid breed can resemble either side of its heritage.

6. Should Not Overeat

Overeating is never a good thing for dogs. After all, an overweight dog has higher chances of suffering from a wide range of serious medical problems in much the same manner as an overweight human. However, each additional pound will be felt to a greater extent by a small dog than by a big dog. As such, it is best to stick to recommended portions for a Jackchi. For that matter, interested individuals should avoid feeding them an excessive number of treats.

7. Needs to Be Trained From an Early Age

Some people neglect to train their small dogs in the same way that they would train their big dogs. This is because the same kind of bad behavior can be seen as tolerable when carried out by a small dog but intolerable when carried out by a big dog, which to be fair, isn’t wholly unreasonable considering their different sizes. Still, neglecting to train small dogs is a serious mistake because small dog syndrome is by no means inevitable. In fact, it is particularly important for Jackchis because they tend to be stubborn dogs, meaning that an extra effort is needed to prevent them from becoming anxious, aggressive, or both.

8. They Don’t Do So Well in Cold Weather

Small dogs are more susceptible to the cold than big dogs. On top of that, Jackchis don’t have the thickest of coats, which can be considered another disadvantage for them in this regard. As such, if interested individuals want to bring their Jackchis outdoors during the winter, they should provide their canine companions with dog clothing as well as a set of dog booties. Even so, they should keep a watchful eye on their Jackchi for signs for potential concern because it is better to be too careful than not careful enough when it comes to their canine companion’s well-being.

9. Likes to Chew on Things

Jackchis like to chew on things. Due to this, interested individuals should introduce them to chewable toys sooner rather than later. After all, there is no sense to them risking their shoes, their furniture, and other possessions that can be chewed up. As mentioned earlier, Jackchis can be rather difficult to train. Due to this, their chewing tendencies are something that interested individuals will want to redirect to a suitable outlet before they become fixated on something much more problematic.

10. Friendly Dogs

If there is one selling point to the Jackchi, it is the hybrid breed’s friendliness. In short, well-trained Jackchis can get along well with not just their owners but also the other members of the household both human and non-human. The breed can even be friendly towards strangers. Something that makes them a good choice for households that receive frequent guests.

Be warned that Jackchis are small dogs, meaning that children have to be taught how to handle them without hurting them. Besides this, Jackchis are also energetic dogs, which should come as welcome news for those who want a canine companion to play with them. Fortunately, their exercise requirements aren’t too demanding, meaning that interested individuals should have no problems meeting them in a manner that is well-suited for their particular circumstances.

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