Loyal Dog Stays by Owner’s Side Until the Very End

Loyal Dog

Some animals are aloof, prefer their own company, or even dislike human contact. That is not the case with dogs, and this is why they make such great companions. In most cases, dogs are very loving, enjoy spending time with their human friends, and become very loyal towards their owners. There are countless stories regarding the ways in which dogs have shown their owners great loyalty that support this point. Examples of stories include dogs who have saved protected their owners from harm and others who have gone in search of help when their owner has found themselves in a potentially dangerous situation. Another example is the story of Benny, a dog who had been rescued and, in return, showed true loyalty to his owner.

Benny’s story begins in the days following Hurricane Harvey in 2005. This was one of the costliest hurricanes of all time as it caused $125 billion in damage and 39 fatalities. Following this disaster, Benny was found roaming the streets along with many other dogs who had been left homeless as a result of the hurricane. Along with the other dogs, rescuers took the dogs to Washington. Once in Washington, the dogs were given the attention and care they needed at the shelter to help them to recover from their terrible experience. Then the rescuers began the process of trying to find the dogs new homes.

According to I Heart Dogs, it was Benny’s sad eyes that attracted attention to him at the shelter. It wasn’t long before the Ballenger family saw Benny and fell instantly in love with the pooch. They decided to offer him a forever home. As soon as Benny, an adorable Dachshund mix, went to his new home, he developed an instant bond with his new dad, Scott Ballenger. The pair became inseparable and Benny would follow Scott around the house. The love was reciprocated as Scott took Benny along everywhere he went. Benny was thoroughly enjoying living in a home where he was given such great affection. It was clear that he considered Scott his best friend and that he would show him loyalty in any way that he could.

Scott’s daughter Alexis has said it was somewhat surprising that Benny loved Scott so much, as he was very untrusting of other men. The family was unsure of the reasons for this as they do not know Benny’s background prior to the hurricane. Despite his lack of trust of men in general, Benny’s love for Scott was apparent. Alexis says that he even knew when Scott was coming home from work before her mom. Sadly, fate intercepted and Benny’s time with Scott was set to become short-lived. At the end of August 2019, Scott Ballenger became seriously ill and was admitted to hospital. It soon became clear that his condition was critical. His devastated family gathered around his bedside so that they could be with him in his final moments.

There was one member of the family that they knew should be with him as he passed- Benny. As Scott was Benny’s best friend as well as his human dad, it seemed only fair that Benny sat at Scott’s bedside with the rest of the family so that he could have the opportunity to share the same privilege. Benny was clearly confused as he sniffed at Scott’s still body, as he couldn’t understand why his owner was not sitting up to greet him. He wanted nothing more than for Scott to hold him in his arms, just as he would at home.

As the hours passed, it seemed that Benny was beginning to understand. He appeared to realize that his beloved owner was fading away fast, and he clearly wanted to remain loyal and stay by Scott’s side in his hour of need. For the rest of the day, Benny remained by Scott’s side, snuggled into him with his head resting on his chest. It was though he wanted to offer his companion as much comfort as he could. It was a heart-wrenching sight for anyone who witnessed this act as everyone could see how important the two were to each other. Sadly, Scott Ballenger passed away just 24 hours after being admitted into the hospital. Benny showed true loyalty to Scott by staying by his side until he took his very last breath.

Benny was devastated by his dad’s death, says My Positive Outlooks. This was evident as he was pacing backward and forward around the house as though he was looking for Scott and he didn’t know what to do without him. Scott’s family, including his girlfriend and daughter, were equally devastated by Scott’s sudden death. They both realized that the only way to get through this terrible time in their lives and to cope with the grief was to stick together as a family. Benny is an important member of the family too, so he was included in this pact for unity. They believed that Benny deserved their love and support for the level of loyalty he had shown.

Now, the family is continuing to support each other and Benny. Although their grief is still raw, they will stick together to move on with their lives. Hopefully, they will get through this sad phase in their lives and Benny can enjoy his forever home once again. Benny is not alone in being a loyal companion to a beloved owner and staying with their human companion right to the very end. There are multiple examples of dogs displaying this type of behavior, and you may even have some experience yourself of a loved one’s dog staying with them in their final moments. This just shows that dogs are probably one of the most loyal pets you could choose and that when you welcome a rescue dog into your home, you will truly make a friend for life.

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