10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Have you ever heard of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever? It’s a mouthful, isn’t it? That being said, this is one of the most well-balanced dogs in existence, both physically and mentally. They’re bred for a specific purpose, which will be discussed later, but they work well for a number of different things. They’re very versatile animals and as long as their basic needs are met, they can handle just about any type of situation you throw at them.

1. They’re bred for hunting

As you might have already guessed by the name, these dogs were originally bred for hunting. Even the show dogs have to be able to actually hunt. The name comes from the method of hunting. They go and run along the edge of the water, creating all kinds of disturbances that scare birds into flight. Once the birds take flight, hunters shoot them and then the dog retrieves them and brings them back.

2. They’re a popular breed

These dogs are a very popular breed, even among people that don’t use them for hunting. As a matter of fact, they ranked well within the top 100 when it comes to the most popular breeds of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club.

3. Most people think they’re adorable

Most people have that “aww” moment when they look at these dogs for the first time. That’s because the overwhelming majority of individuals find them to be extremely cute, with an endearing appearance that makes them fond of the dog almost immediately.

4. They’re often mistaken for Golden Retrievers

It’s interesting to note that many times, they’re mistaken for a not yet fully grown Golden Retriever. There are a few similarities, but upon closer inspection it’s pretty clear that this is not a Golden. For starters, they’re not as big. They also have slightly different coloring and a head that looks more like a fox. If you’re still in doubt, these dogs have webbed feet.

5. They’re smart

There’s no doubt that they are intelligent. When you’re training one of these dogs, it doesn’t take them more than a couple of times to pick up on most things. They’re very outgoing and as such, they’re not really scared of much. That makes it easier to train them because even in a situation where they’re unfamiliar with what you’re asking them to do, they’re still willing to trust you and do it.

6. These dogs have tons of energy

The one thing you have to look out for is that their energy level is basically off the charts. If you’re getting them to hunt or you plan on giving them something else to do on a regular basis to keep them entertained, you should be good to go. On the other hand, if you lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle and you don’t get out much, this probably isn’t the best breed of dog for you because they have to have some type of physical exercise each day.

7. They’re not difficult dogs to own

If you do lead an active lifestyle, you will likely find that this is probably one of the easiest breeds of dogs you’ve ever owned. They listen well, learn quickly, and have an innate desire to please so they don’t constantly find themselves doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.

8. They have a cute nickname

Since their official name is so long, most people just call them tollers. This is a cute nickname that seems to fit the dog well. In reality, the nickname is almost as cute as the dog itself.

9. They make great family dogs

This particular breed is really great as a family pet, especially if you have a lot of kids that have high energy levels. As opposed to being freaked out by their energy, these dogs love it and it gives them something to do without allowing them to become destructive as they attempt to entertain themselves.

10. They like to have a job to do at all times

Remember, these are dogs that are bred to do something very specific. While you don’t have to utilize them for hunting, they are happiest when you give them a job to do. Even if it’s something as simple as carrying a backpack around, it makes them feel more like a member of the pack if they have a specific role to fulfill.

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