A Complete Price Guide for Owning a Rottweiler


The breed of dog known as the Rottweiler has been raised as a loving member of the family in households who appreciate their companionship, as well as trained as a guard dog to provide protection when it comes to people and property. Regardless of the reasoning behind bringing a Rottweiler into your life, be sure you know what you’re getting into. In addition to bringing on the responsibility of caring for a dog, there are also a number of costs to consider. Aside from the one-time cost of purchasing a Rottweiler, especially one that comes with registration and papers, there are also a number of other expenses that need to be factored in.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee may be affordable enough upfront, depending on whatever deal is made with your breeder of choice, but there are a number of one-time costs, plus regular maintenance costs, that can spike the overall price tag much higher. Sometimes, there may be a Rottweiler you can find free of charge, but be sure to do your homework before agreeing to bring one home. If a Rottweiler, especially a purebred, is being given away for free, there is a possibility it may be due to behavioral or health-related problems. Whether free or with a fixed price tag, make sure you don’t end up with the raw end of the deal. This not only applies to you for your own well-being but even for the dog. By agreeing to bring one into your home, you’re agreeing to be that dog’s god, so to speak.

Animal Shelter Adoption Fees

Finding a Rottweiler isn’t difficult to find at an animal shelter, either. As a dog, it is one of the most common breeds people give up. The list of reasons is just as long as the number of Rottweiler dogs that are placed in animal shelters. Some of that reasoning has been related to the dog owner’s neglect, which leads to aggressive behavior towards other people and animals, including pets. Quite frankly, adopting a Rottweiler from an animal shelter not only is the more responsible thing to do as a member of society as you would be saving a dog’s life, but it is also among the more economically affordable options to consider as the adoption price tag may range anywhere from $50.00 USD to $150.00 USD. Much of that price depends on the shelter itself. If you’re expecting to find a small Rottweiler puppy in an animal shelter, the odds are slim. Normally, Rottweilers that are brought into animal shelters are done so by owners or rescuers who have aged somewhat since the earliest puppy stages of their lifespan.

Breeder Fees

Among the most common means to bring home, a Rottweiler is through a breeder. If it is your preference to bring home a Rottweiler puppy so you can train it from scratch, this is the best route to go. Ideally, you want to go with a registered breeder that has a good reputation. The information provided on such breeders is easy enough to come by on the internet, as well as even some veterinarians who may have connections to some of the best breeders that are in the business. Because Rottweiler puppies are in such high demand, plus it’s easy enough for breeders to sell them, the price tags to bring one home is considerably higher. Anywhere from $1,500 USD to $2,500 USD is the typical dollar amount to pay should you wish to bring a young Rottweiler pup to your home. Some Rottweiler pups come from a perfect pedigree and have the papers to prove it has been known to be sold at an even higher price. Should you go this route, please do your homework. Registered breeders who are very good at what they do, as well as have a highly ethical way of doing business and treating their dogs, are the best ones for you to deal with. Registered and non-registered breeders who are only in the business to make money and couldn’t care less about the welfare of the dogs are not recommended to have anything to do with. Registered or not, if the breeder is only interested in the money and not the dogs, you could very easily end up bringing a Rottweiler pup that isn’t as purebred as the breeder may claim it is. Breeders such as these have also been known to falsify information, including registration papers and pedigree information just so they can make their sale. As a buyer of a Rottweiler or any other pup for that matter, you may be bringing home something far pricier than you originally bargained for. Assuming you have every intention to be a good, responsible owner of a Rottweiler that will keep up with all the other expenses involved after bringing one home, already you’re in for a pricey ride. Can you really afford that price tag to shoot way up by inviting a young Rottweiler pup to your home that may have a family history of serious medical problems the unethical breeder has conveniently left out as important information for you to know?

For what it’s worth, should you have the misfortune of bringing home a Rottweiler pup from a breeder you thought you could trust but has misled you, what may be your unlucky break may prove to be something of a godsend for the pup. If you are ethical enough and can afford it, that Rottweiler pup that came from a bad breeder may be in good hands after all with you looking out for it. However, should this be the case, expect to pay far more than the average Rottweiler who already has to contend with a hefty bill to start with.

Setting Up Fees

Once you have made your purchase for a Rottweiler, whether it be a new pup or one that has a bit of age to it, the next step is to gather all the needed supplies so that you are properly set up to start the Rottweiler’s new life with you on a positive note. Anywhere from $250.00 USD to $500.00 USD on various needed supplies is typically how much it costs to set things up. Even if you’ve had another dog previously that may have some setup already in place, odds are you are still going to have to invest heavily to ensure your Rottweiler has the best setup possible for its welfare, as well as yours.

List of Supplies (and their costs)

  • Identification (ID) Tag and collar
    $20.00 USD
  • Cost of Spaying or Neutering
    $250.00 USD
  • Microchip
    $45.00 USD average
  • Dog Bed
    $50.00 USD minimum
  • Nail Clipper
    $10.00 USD minimum
  • Dog Brush
    $10.00 USD minimum
  • Toothpaste
    $10.00 USD average
  • Bathing Supplies
    $10.00 USD minimum
  • Toys
    $35.00 USD minimum
  • Leash
    $10.00 USD minimum
  • Food and Water Bowls
    $10.00 USD minimum each
  • Flea and Tick Prevention
    $15.00 average

Monthly Maintenance Costs

Expect to pay anywhere from $150.00 USD to $300.00 USD each month while looking after your Rottweiler. Should you bring home an older Rottweiler that needs a bit of extra care due to medical reasons, spending an average of $300.00 per month should be expected. Should you bring home a Rottweiler regardless of its age and have every intention of spoiling it with the best of everything money can buy, spending $300.00 per month to do so is also to be expected. Those costs involved are provided in the list below.


Rottweilers are big dogs, who also happen to have big appetites. Spending anywhere from $50.00 USD to $100.00 USD per month on dog food is the average cost to make sure there is enough food to feed it with. On average, purebred Rottweiler dogs can weigh anywhere between seventy-five to well over a hundred pounds. It is not uncommon to see a Rottweiler weigh as much as 130 pounds. Because of their large stature, in order to maintain optimal health for the dog, at least five cups of food per day is what your Rottweiler will need to avoid hunger. Ideally, investing in high-quality dog food from the moment you’ve brought in your Rottweiler is the best investment you can possibly make to sure the dog stays healthy. Feeding your dog the cheapest dog food money can buy is the equivalent of having it live on junk food, which will result in serious medical issues that can prove to be a catastrophic (and expensive) experience. Furthermore, buying into higher quality dog food from the best possible makers of dog food also reduces the need for your dog to chow down so much as it’s also more filling. The cheaper the dog brand is, the less quality content is within each morsel, which will cause the Rottweiler to be eating more instead of less. Cheaper dog food can see a Rottweiler consume an easy seven to ten cups’ worth per day whereas the highest quality dog food from the most trusted sources should cut the amount of food the dog needs by almost half.


While Rottweiler dogs may not need much grooming due to the short coat, it is still highly recommended they are brushed down with a quality dog brush on a regular basis. Making it a daily routine would be your best option as this not only improves the dog’s coat appearance but vastly reduces the potential of dermatologic issues that could pose a serious complication to your dog’s health. Furthermore, daily brushing is a good way for you to bond with your Rottweiler, regardless of its age. In addition to the daily brush routine, your Rottweiler will also require a steady routine of oral care. Preferably a few times a week, brushing the dog’s teeth is a good insurance policy to ensure it doesn’t encounter any dental problems down the road. Neglecting this need for your dog can result in serious medical complications that will not only hurt your pocketbook but the dog’s health as well. As for bathing, doing this occasionally will also help keep your Rottweiler clean and healthy. Should all of this be taken care of on your own, the average price tag is about $5.00 USD per month. However, if oral care and bathing is something you prefer to go to a professional groomer for, then that price has just gone up considerably. How much you’d be spending depends on what sort of regime you have in mind for your Rottweiler. Should you go this route, paying as much as $75.00 USD per month is the average cost to give your dog the grooming care it needs.

Preventative Maintenance

For ideal flea and tick prevention, monthly maintenance in this regard is your best route to go. For a dog as large as the Rottweiler, spending an average of $15.00 USD per month should be expected. While this may seem like an inconvenient price, it’s even more expensive when having to contend with a flea-infested home that can easily develop should this necessary maintenance treatment for your Rottweiler be neglected. Furthermore, the frustration for the dog to contend with fleas can lead to behavioral issues as well as its discomfort can lead to a stressful condition that can cause underlying medical problems you may not be able to notice until it’s too late.


Like health insurance, pet insurance serves as a valuable investment should your Rottweiler experience health issues that may hurt the wallet considerably more than normal. On average, insuring a Rottweiler pup as young as eight weeks old will cost an average of $25.00 USD per month. However, if you’re bringing home an older Rottweiler dog, the monthly insurance premiums can easily cost well over $100.00 USD per month. It is also advised to keep a little extra money back to afford a deductable, should there be a need for it.

Exercise and Entertainment

Like people, Rottweiler dogs need a regular routine of exercise and entertainment to keep it stimulated enough so it doesn’t develop any behavioral issues or health medical problems. Taking your Rottweiler out for walks is a good way to not just the two of you stay healthy, but form a bond between yourselves. That bond adds to your dog’s health and your own. When out on walks, make sure to bring the poop bag with you. As for keeping your Rottweiler entertained, quality chew toys and other chewable products are a good way to keep your dog entertained enough where it’s less likely to chew up the furniture, or your shoes, or whatever else you don’t want it to sink its teeth into. Spending approximately $30.00 USD per month on chewable items for your Rottweiler is certainly cheaper than having to fork out considerably more money to replace shoes, furniture, or whatever else that could have been saved from your dog’s teeth if only it had something better to keep it entertained.


Unfortunately, too many animals, including Rottweilers, are either brought to animal shelters or abandoned due to the lack of consideration by people who underestimated what is really involved when it comes to caring for a pet. Rottweilers are not the type of dog you bring home and expect it to care for itself without all the proper care it needs. Leaving it tied up all day, or left in a yard with no social interaction whatsoever is not negligent, but a form of animal cruelty. Dogs are social creatures, just like people. Also, just like people, dogs require quality care to ensure it stays healthy and happy. A happy, well-cared-for dog as large as a Rottweiler, is not something you can do without investing at least $100 per month. Anything less than this and you are not only denying your dog the quality of care it deserves but the opportunity for you to enjoy your experience with your dog.

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