A Complete Price Guide for the Dachshund Breed


The Dachshund is a more formidable animal than it seems. After all, its name means “badger hound,” which should make it very clear that these dogs were created for the purpose of hunting said prey. Something that would have been extremely dangerous for the Dachshund to say the least. As such, these dogs have numerous features that made them better-suited for their original role. For instance, the Dachshund isn’t long. Instead, it looks long because it has short limbs, which make it easier for it to move through badger holes. Similarly, the Dachshund’s head shows clear signs of being meant for a face-to-face fight with minimal room for maneuvering. One example would be the prominent bridge bones that protect their eyes while another example would be the powerful jaws that have been fitted with a set of surprisingly-large teeth.

Personality-wise, the Dachshund has been influenced by its origins in this regard as well. They can be very affectionate animals. However, the Dachshund tends to be better-known for a couple of characteristics, both of which can be problematic under certain circumstances. One, they are courageous, so much so that they have been called reckless. Two, they are stubborn, meaning that it can be rather difficult for dog owners to get them to do what the dog owners want. On top of this, the Dachshund tends to be suspicious of strangers. Something that has sometimes seen these dogs act in an aggressive manner. Combined, these characteristics make it very important for the Dachshund to get the proper training as well as the proper socialization so that it can be the best that it can be. It should be mentioned that there is more than one kind of Dachshund as well.

In particular, there are short-haired Dachshunds, long-haired Dachshunds, and wire-haired Dachshunds. Curiously, these different dogs are said to have different characteristics. For example, the long-haired Dachshunds are supposed to be the calmest of the lot while the wire-haired Dachshunds are supposed to be the most mischievous in nature. As for the short-haired Dachshunds, they are supposed to be somewhere in between their different-coated counterparts. Besides them, there are miniature Dachshunds as well, which can have any one of the coats that have been mentioned. Some of these dogs are said to be shy, though that isn’t an intended characteristic but rather a serious flaw. Regardless, each of these dogs have their own particular combination of upsides and downsides, thus making them better-suited for certain individuals than for others.

What Price Can You Expect to Pay For a Dachshund?

Dachshunds might be small in size. However, they are very popular. As a result, interested individuals can expect a Dachshund from a reputable dog breeder to sell for about $800 to $1,500, though it is possible to find both puppies that are being sold for much lower prices and puppies that are being sold for much higher prices. Some people might be tempted to go for the lowest-priced Dachshund that they can find. This is particularly true because these dogs are not cheap, meaning that there can be a difference of hundreds of dollars. However, it is important to remember that isn’t necessarily the best idea. Generally speaking, the price of a dog is a reflection of the costs that went into a dog. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, most dog breeders are business owners, meaning that they can’t keep their operations running unless they are making a profit on their main product.

As such, a more expensive dog tends to have received more healthcare, more comfortable living conditions, and more of other resources while a less expensive dog tends to have received less healthcare, less comfortable living conditions, and less of other resources. There is nothing wrong with going for a less expensive dog in most cases. After all, it is perfectly possible for them to become faithful companions living happy and healthy lives. Still, it is important that interested individuals understand what they are getting into so that they can get a dog that is well-suited for their particular preferences at a price that makes sense for them.

Of course, this is a general rule rather than a universal rule. Thanks to that, it is perfectly possible for a dog breeder to set higher prices even though they haven’t spent a lot of resources on the dog that is being sold in much the same manner as other business owners with other products. This is one of the reasons that interested individuals should check out a dog breeder’s operations before they proceed to the purchase. After all, it is easy to make claims about how the dogs are treated. However, knowing the truth of those claims by being shown the realities of the dogs’ living situation is much more convincing. Furthermore, it is a good idea for interested individuals to ask for documentation of the training received as well as the healthcare received at the same time, which is important because those are costs that should have been factored into the dog’s price as well.

On a related note, visiting a dog breeder’s operations is also a good way to figure out whether they are running a puppy mill or not. Such operations are characterized by their emphasis on producing a large number of dogs as fast as possible with very little regard for the well-being of the dogs. Unsurprisingly, that means an increased chance for various sorts of problems to show up in those dogs, all of which can mean further complications for their dog owners. Interested individuals should definitely avoid getting a Dachshund from a puppy mill because the dog breed is already prone to experiencing certain health problems. For example, a considerable percentage of these dogs will suffer spinal problems. Their weight, their handling, and their activity levels can increase their chances of developing spinal problems. Unfortunately, there is a large genetic component as well, which won’t be helped by bad breeding practices. As such, getting a Dachshund from a puppy mill is just asking for the odds to be stacked against the dog. There is nothing wrong with going for a less expensive dog, but there is definitely something wrong with going for a less expensive dog with a much increased chance of physical issues and behavioral issues.

In any case, interested individuals might find it more useful to look into factors that can influence the price of individual Dachshunds rather than the dog breeders that are offering the lowest prices for their dogs. That way, they might be able to get a better deal while still getting a dog from a reputable dog breeder. As always, there are a number of factors that affect dogs of every single dog breed. For example, some dog breeders have a better reputation, so they can command a better price for their dogs. Similarly, some dogs are sold for less because they are older than their counterparts, which matters because most people want puppies rather than older dogs. A prestigious background can be very important as well, as shown by how such Dachshunds can sell for $3,000 or more. Of course, there are also factors that are applicable to a specific dog breed. To name an example, lighter-colored Dachshunds can have lighter-colored eyes, which is a problem because darker eyes are supposed to be the standard for the dog breed. Due to this, if interested individuals don’t mind this, they might be able to get themselves a better deal on a lighter-colored dog with light-colored eyes in certain region. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that smaller Dachshunds are very popular at the moment, as shown by the widespread interest in dogs that are even smaller than the miniature variety. Under such circumstances, going for a bigger dog might be able to provide interested individuals with a better deal as well.

The one realistic option besides buying a Dachshund would be adopting a Dachshund. This is a very good option for people who are feeling too enthused about paying so much money for a dog because the maximum that they will be expected to pay for adopting a Dachshund will be a few hundred dollars. However, it does have some downsides as well. One would be the availability of candidates for adoption. Dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds of modern times. As a result, interested individuals should have fewer issues with finding one of these dogs than finding a dog from one of the rarer dog breeds out there. Still, they will have a smaller range of choices than if they choose to buy a dog. The other would be the fact that some dogs do get sent to animal shelters and similar organizations because they have some kind of issue, though this isn’t as bad as it might seem on initial inspection. After all, chances are good that the issue is manageable if the dog is being made available for adoption. Thanks to that, interested individuals should be able to take care of the dog in question so long as they make the necessary preparations by being warned ahead of time.

What Are Some Costs of Dachshund Ownership?

The price of the Dachshund is just the first or one of the first prices that Dachshund owners will have to pay. After all, they are living animals, meaning that they are going to need a lot of things to keep them in good condition. For starters, interested individuals are going to need to get items such as a dog bed and a dog crate that are absolutely necessary for the dog. Furthermore, they are going to need to get various medical procedures done as well. Put together, these two categories of things can add up to $100 to more than a $1,000, particularly since a single medical procedure can cost more than a $100. Still, there is a wide range of prices that can be found for every single one of these things, so interested individuals can do a lot to reduce their costs so long as they are willing to spend enough time shopping. Of course, they will want to get this done ahead of time because they will want to make sure that these things are ready and waiting for their dog as soon as they get their dog.

Moving on, a Dachshund’s monthly costs should be much lower. Their food costs should be about $20 to $100 on a monthly basis, though this is one of the areas where interested individuals might want to spend a bit more to ensure nothing but the best for their dog. They are already prone to developing spinal problems, so letting them become overweight is a very bad idea. Meanwhile, their grooming costs tend to be low. Both the short-haired Dachshunds and the wire-haired Dachshunds don’t need much in this regard, so they might be fine with getting a couple of grooming sessions for about $50 each on an annual basis. In contrast, long-haired Dachshunds are more demanding in this regard, so they might need a monthly visit. Of course, if interested individuals want to do these things on their own, they can so long as they have purchased the relevant grooming tools and supplies. Entertainment costs shouldn’t be too high either unless interested individuals are planning on entrusting their dog to the care of professional dog-sitters on a regular basis, in which case, they can expect their costs to rise real far real fast. As for healthcare costs, those can make up a huge chunk of a Dachshund’s monthly costs even if it is doing well. Just preventative healthcare can hit the low hundreds of dollars in a single month. Thanks to this, it is very common for people to get pet insurance for their dogs so that the costs of treatment will be covered. The cost of pet insurance can see a fair amount of variation but expect at least $25 on a monthly basis.

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