Quick Dog Tip of the Day: Be Careful with the Word “Natural”


This doesn’t just apply to dog food but it applies to human food as well.  The word “natural” has becoming synonymous with “healthy” for the past decade or even more.   And it’s becoming something that many people should be aware of.  When it comes to dog owners you need to be careful about this word.  Just because a package says something like “natural” doesn’t always mean it’s the best thing for your dog.

According to PetMD there are two things to consider when talking about “natural” as it pertains to dog food.  The first is that natural doesn’t always mean high quality.   The AAFCO definition of “natural” basically says that an ingredient can be modified but not over processed. For example, a hunk of beef may be labeled as natural even if it has been cooked or ground into a hamburger.  While natural generally means avoiding things like processed foods, it doesn’t always avoid modification which can in turn be a negative.

Second, natural doesn’t always mean nutritionally balanced.   There’s nothing wrong with eating healthy but if the proportions in one’s diet are skewed too much in one direction there can be adverse affects.  A good example would be if you had a diet consisting only of apples.   Sure, apples are good for you but you’d be denied proteins and essential fats.

So the next time you see the word “natural” dig in a little deeper to see exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

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