Rescue Dog Overcomes Brush with Death to Become Dog Beer Taste Tester

They say that the last thing to die is hope. Therefore, regardless of how challenging your circumstances are, you can live to see another day so long as you believe there is a better tomorrow. It is not easy, but Ethan, the rescue dog, overcame a brush with death to become a professional dog beer taste-tester for Busch Beer, showing us that nothing is impossible. The rescue dog emerged as the winner, beating many contestants after winning over the panel with his incredible story. Let’s share the pup’s journey, from being declared a hopeless, dying dog to being crowned the dog beer taste-tester.

Another Chance at Life

On January 29, 2021, the Henderson family visited the Kentucky Humane Society to drop off toys for the rescue animals. They spotted what appeared to be the body of a dead dog lying in a white towel on the parking lot. The family called the staff for help and watched as the dog was taken to the veterinary ward. He was covered in urine and feces, and later on, animal experts believed he had been starved for weeks. Tatum Henderson, the 11-year-old boy who had accompanied his family to the shelter, was devastated at the sight of the dying dog and could not wait to be updated on the dog’s progress. According to Newsweek, the dog that came to be baptized “Ethan” weighed half of what a healthy animal of his age should. At only 38 pounds, one veterinarian, Emily Bewley, described him as the thinnest dog she had ever seen yet was still alive. The veterinarians were unsure if Ethan would make it, but still, they kept feeding him every two hours, and the dog was put on IV drops.

He became a massive part of the Kentucky Humane Society, and in March 2021, they announced on their Facebook page that Ethan had finally found a forever home. The shelter’s director, Jeff Callaway, and his family had grown to care about Ethan so much that they wanted to give him the best life possible; after all, he had suffered enough and faced death but still proved he was not ready to surrender. Ethan had gone from being a dog on his deathbed to taking his first step unassisted and gaining 45 pounds. The shelter staff was so excited about the recovery that they hosted a live-stream celebration in honor of the dog speculated to be a Cane Corso mix. According to People Magazine, reaching the ideal weight of 80 pounds was a milestone celebrated by reuniting him with the Henderson family. Since the day they called the staff at the humane society to help Ethan, the family has been following up on his daily progress. Therefore, when Tatum’s grandmother asked if her grandson could visit the healthy canine, the shelter was more than happy to oblige. Ethan showed his gratitude by presenting Tatum with a card signed with his paw print and a team Ethan t-shirt.

Winning the Contest

In mid-April 2021, Busch announced that they were looking for a Chief Tasting Officer (CTO) for Busch Dog Brew. According to their website, the contest period ran from April 13 to April 28, and the only three ways to enter were through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The judging criteria would be based on originality, criteria, and relevance to the theme of telling the panel why your dog should become the CTO. The prize at stake comprised $20,000 in the form of a check, $800 pre-paid card to purchase pet insurance, and ten 4-packs of Busch Dog Brew.

On May 21, 2021, Busch took to their Twitter account to announce the winner. They said they had considered many candidates and finally settled on Ethan due to his resume and perseverance, which would inspire others for years to come. As part of his job, Ethan is responsible for taste-testing, fulfilling his duties as an ambassador, quality control, and becoming a content creator for Busch’s social media channels. The vice-president disclosed that their decision to go for a “true expert” this year was because, in 2020, the reaction to the beer was overwhelmingly positive. According to USA Today, the first batch of Busch Dog Brew released last year sold out within 24 hours. The dog beer is made from pork broth, vegetables, water, herbs, and spices. The brewer had explained that the bone broth was ideal for dogs that struggled to eat solid food. It also provides them with a nutritious and tasty snack that promotes a healthy digestive system.

Humans Can Also Take the Dog Beer

Miami Herald reported that Busch found an untapped market in dog beer. Most Americans enjoy beer, and they like having a drinking buddy. With many homes having pet dogs, making a non-alcoholic beverage was a great idea since alcohol is not recommended for the canines. People were curious if they could enjoy the dog beer, but Busch said that you would probably find it a bit bland, although it would not harm you. They clarified that the beer was essentially liquid food for dogs and not beer in the real sense. Therefore, Busch emphasized that the beer was not a meal replacement and recommended pet owners pour it over a dog’s dry food. You can serve it hot or cold depending on your dog’s preference, and after opening, it can last up to five days if stored in the freezer. Although the can is printed “for dogs only,” one human tried it. According to Daily Paws, Austin, a 26-year-old man, said he didn’t expect the beer to be tasty, but at least it didn’t make him throw up. He said that the smell reminded him of a salted pork dish, but the taste does not match the aroma. It was bland, but even after drinking, his mouth emitted a pungent smell. Luckily, it does not result in flatulence.

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