Are You the Right Human for the White Miniature Schnauzer?

miniature schnauzer

Most people want a dog that has it all. Good looks, intelligence, a great personality, a playful nature and a sweet disposition. And most people think that their own dog is the perfect example of this. And while no one is wrong, it’s proven – according to the American Kennel Club – that the white miniature schnauzer is actually all of the above all wrapped neatly into one small package. This adorable little dog is one that you will love for eternity, and it is one that will make you feel good about being a dog owner. We love this sweet little guy because he’s not just good-looking. He is the entire package and that is what matters most. What’s most fun about the miniature schnauzer is his personality. He’s a funny little guy, which is a pretty big deal for such a small dog. If you’re considering one of these as a pet, you should first check to see if you are the type of person that can handle this breed. Remember what we like to say; not all breeds are for all people, so find out now if you’re what the white miniature schnauzer is looking for in a human.

You have to Give Attention

The miniature schnauzer is looking for someone to call its own, and it wants someone happy to give a lot of attention and a lot of love. If you’re the kind of person who has a lot of attention to give to this small breed, go ahead and consider it yours. It needs it, it requires it, and it’s not going to let you get away with not giving it the kind of attention it needs in live to make it happy. Oh, and this breed is also one that really wants a human that’s home more often than not. It’s not to say you can’t be a contributing member of society that works and plays outside the home, but this dog does not want a human that’s never home.

You have to Love to Play

If you are playful and fun, this breed is going to love you. Known for being a playful and fun dog, it’s going to want to spend some serious time with you having a good time and playing games that are fun and active. It’s a fun and active breed who loves to play catch and fetch. It will love chasing the kids through the yard as they run and play. Even if you have a pool, the dog will not get in the water but it will run happily up and down the length of the pool to be as involved in the fun and action as it can. It just loves to play that much.

You have to Love to Cuddle

If you’re the kind of person who just loves to cuddle and have a great time, you are going to adore the white miniature schnauzer. It’s fun and fearless when it is playing, but it’s the kind of dog that is ready to cuddle when it’s ready. And you better be, too. This is not the breed that’s going to sit and relax while you do whatever it is you do. No, it’s the kind of dog that’s going to follow you around and happily wait for a chance to sit on your lap, cuddle or just spend some time with you. This is a dog that loves you and wants to be a part of your life forever.

You have to Love to be Outside

Dogs like this love to play and have a good time. The miniature schnauzer is the type of animal that loves to be outside, playing and enjoying life. It’s the kind of dog that does so well in the great outdoors with other people by its side and other people to show it that it can have fun. It loves to be with others, and it doesn’t do so well alone. You’re going to find that this dog encourages you to get some exercise. It loves to be outside, so why not. It loves to encourage you to be active and have fun. And it loves to encourage you to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. You are really going to love this dog so much.

You have to Love to Laugh

The miniature schnauzer is a silly little creature. Small and adorable, it knows it and it loves to make sure that you know it, too. This breed provides endless entertainment and enjoyment, which means that you’re going to find it difficult not to laugh. But since laughter is the best medicine, you and this dog will have a long and very happy life together. It’s a silly dog that’s going to show off for your guests and make a point of being ridiculous at times. It knows it is cute, but it also know it’s intelligent and loving, so it will be all of the above every day.

You have to Want to Live a Healthy Life

It’s been said by researchers, scientists and medical professionals that those who own dogs or cats – or both – tend to live longer because of their animals. There are many factors that go into this, including the fact that dog owners get more exercise thanks to the fact that they take their animals on walks and play in the yard. You will have someone to pet, and the simple act of petting an animal is medically proven to reduce stress  levels. It’s also been proven that dogs are just great companions. You can complain to them about a bad day without fear of judgment. You can talk to them about anything without worrying they’ll go tell anyone else. They’re just a companion that you can have for a very long time that will make you feel good, happy and capable. Dogs are very loving creatures, and they find their way into your heart and make it impossible for you to forget them.

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