Sick Shelter Pit Bull Captures a 2-Year-Old’s Heart

The video in which a 2-year-old girl named Gee shows affection to an old Pit bull from a shelter has captured the attention of many. Due to the dog’s sickly condition, no one was ready to adopt the dog. When Gee and her mom went to the shelter, Gee was instantly drawn to the Pit Bull dog and told her mother she wanted to have her. According to Saratogian, the sickly Pit Bull dog had spent the whole day hiding in the back of her kennel but was immediately spotted by the two-year-old girl. The beautiful video of Gee adopting the sickly Pit Bull dog was shared on various social media platforms, recording a whopping 7.8 million views. Read on to learn how the Shelter Pit Bull dog falls for Gee and how the two-year-old girl returns the favor.


On 10th August 2021, a gorgeous video of a 2-year-old girl and a sickly old Pit bull dog from a shelter. Many people passed by this sick and old Pit bull dog, who had spent the day hiding in the back of her kennel. It was not until later in the day when Gee and her mother visited the shelter. The two-year-old immediately spotted the day from her kennel and told her mother to get the dog for her.

The Pit Bull dog did not have a name, was smelly, and had snot running from her nose. All these did not bother Gee as she had already made up her mind that the dog would be the perfect friend for her. She moved closer to the Pit Bull’s kennel and looked in as the dog looked back at her with curious eyes. Gee then asked her mom to let the dog out and was later let out from her kennel by the shelter’s staff.

Gee wanted to take a walk with the dog, but the dog panicked and was hesitant to walk as it was a scary experience for her. With the two-year-old’s patience and unconditional love, the dog began to walk. Gee’s mom decided to record the whole event and marveled at the sight of the beautiful Pit Bull dog melting into Gee’s embrace. Gee went on to wipe the dog’s eyes and runny nose with her dress. Eventually, the dog was placed back into her kennel, and she immediately began to shake uncontrollably with fear.

The two-year-old refused to leave the dog and repeatedly stared at her mother, saying, “The dog is sick and needs help.” Gee’s mother agreed to adopt the dog and took the dog home. This event also surprised everyone in the shelter as many people could not afford to adopt a sick or injured dog as the vet bills are usually expensive. As a result, most sick dogs are forced to spend their lives in these shelters because nobody wants to adopt them.

Girl Meets Dog

As soon as the two-year-old got the Pit Bull dog out of her kennel, she gave the dog kisses, belly rubs, and hugs, regardless of how the dog smelled or looked. Gee also used her dress to wipe the dog’s goop-caked eyes and running nose. During their first walk, the dog was quite hesitant as it was a scary experience for her.

According to Petschance, this was mainly attributed to the fact that the dog had been locked in her kennel for an extended period with no one wanting to adopt her. However, due to Gee’s patience and love, the two immediately formed a strong bond and later named the dog Scarlett. Gee’s mother was amazed by how her two-year-old daughter spotted the dog from her kennel and how she immediately fell in love with her.

Gee’s mom told a trusted source that her two-year-old daughter was adamant that Scarlett was sick and needed medical help. Her daughter had completely refused to leave the dog when it was returned to her cage. Gee pleaded with her mother to adopt the dog and take her to their home. The mother finally agreed, and the dog was released from her cage.

The two-year-old immediately had the dog in her embrace, showing her unconditional love for her new friend. After filling out the necessary forms and paying the Vet fee, Gee and her mom took the dog home. Her mother, who had recorded the entire event, decided to post the heartwarming video, which received plenty of love and positive comments on the internet.

The Girl’s Reaction

The beautiful video of a woman and her two-year-old daughter flooded the internet; where in the video, her daughter is seen eager to adopt the sickly old Pit Bull dog and finally is able to take the dog home. The two-year-old daughter’s reaction to Gee was very amazing to watch, particularly the moment she showered the dog with kisses, hugs, and belly rubs.

It all started when Gee and her mom visited a shelter to look at dogs, and her daughter’s attention was immediately caught by an old Pit Bull dog hiding at the back of her kennel. She moved towards the dog to see her clearly and noticed the dog was sickly, smelly, and had snot running from her nose. Gee was adamant about having the dog and requested her mother to have the dog let out of her cage.

As mentioned earlier, the story goes on until finally, the two-year-old is allowed to take the dog home. During their visit to the shelter, Gee’s mother had her phone out and was recording the whole event when her two-year-old daughter immediately fell in love with a sickly old shelter Pit Bull dog. According to Thedodo, the video received a whopping 149,000 likes and 7.8 million views.

Dog Finds a New Home

Since Scarlett was sick, Gee and her mother had to seek medical assistance. She is currently feeling much better and spends most of the day following Gee wherever she goes. The two have formed an unbreakable bond by spending a lot of time together. Based on the plenty of views of Gee and Scarlett’s beautiful video, it is evident that their strong bond has touched the hearts of people all around the globe. The most important thing you should take out from this story is that we should be more like the two-year-old, and make our decisions based on love. This is because you will never know what unique and formidable friendship could be formed as a result.

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