Simple Ways To Dog Proof Your Home

For some people, the thought of having to dog proof your house can be daunting. You look around and realize there is much you need to do to ensure the house stays in good shape, and the dog stays safe. But sometimes, we hype things up in our own minds way too much. What if I told you there were some really simple steps to dog proof your house, and it wont take all day and make you crazy? Just follow these simple steps!

Hide the Trashcan

Keep in mind,  you don’t actually have to hide it. Just slide it under the kitchen sink or put it in a closet off the kitchen that the dog can’t reach or get in.  As long as you can access it easily and they can’t access it at all, you are one step closer.

Keep the House Clean

Believe it or not, your dog is less likely to get into something it shouldn’t if that something it shouldn’t is somewhere it is supposed to be instead of just laying around anywhere. The less messy the house is, the safer it is for your dog.

Baby Proof the House

Okay, so this may seem extreme, but hear us out. Babies and dogs think alike and act alike. They can also be about the same size depending on breed. In essence, anything that can hurt a baby can hurt a dog, as well as the other way around. To dog proof a house, baby proofing works really well. You don’t need to be a thorough as you would for a baby, but use the same basic idea.

See, though the last step may not be simple, the rest are. A safe dog is a happy dog, is a happy family. In that sense, isn’t it worth it?

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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