The Five Most Popular Black Dog Breeds

There’s something about black dogs that seem to warrant a bad reputation. Many people automatically see black dogs as threats—a statement supported by the fact that they’re almost always the last to be adopted according to ASPCA. It’s a sad notion, but it’s the truth. However, dog owners know that coat color has absolutely nothing to do with temperament, and black dogs are some of the most beautiful animals out there. There are dog breeds out there that are some of the smartest and most loving pets, and they typically have the genes for black fur. Here are the five most popular dog breeds that have black coats.

1. Newfoundland

These dogs are literally larger than life. While Newfoundland dogs are some of the largest dog breeds around, they also happen to be some of the gentlest. These loving dogs are considered to be amazing human companions. They’re great rescue workers on land and on water. They’re impressive swimmers and lifeguards. Newfoundland dogs can have several coat colors, and one of those is solid black. They can also have a white coat with black markings. Their fluffy double coat is a favorite quality among Newfoundland owners. These gentle giants are great family pets. They are loyal, protective, and downright snuggly. If you’re looking for proof that black dogs are awesome, just look for a Newfoundland and you’re guaranteed to be convinced.

2. Scottish Terrier

This dog breed is fairly popular to begin with. Scottish Terriers have a very distinct look. They have long bushy eyebrows and long facial hair like no other. These dogs are small, but they pack quite a bark for their size. They’re pretty stubborn as well, but that’s only a sign of their intelligence. These dogs are generally friendly, which makes them great around kids. Scottish Terriers have tons of energy to spare, and they usually like to expend that energy playing around. Most Scottish Terriers come with black coats, but they do also come in gray, wheat, or brindle colors.

3. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are certainly an example of black dogs that get a bad reputation for being vicious. However, you’d have to own one to really know that these dogs are actually just naturally protective. They’re great family guardian dogs, and the breed is actually known for their service in the military and the police force. Rottweilers are highly intelligent dogs. They are naturally muscular and powerful, and they are highly trainable as long as you are firm and consistent as a trainer. Their double coat tends to shed heavily, especially during the spring and fall seasons. They have a characteristic black coat with touches of rust or mahogany in some parts. You’ll know a Rottweiler when you see one, but just know that they’re nothing to be scared of.

4. Doberman Pinschers

These dogs are a sight of elegance and grace. Doberman Pinschers always seem so regal. They have an air of command about them that’s more than likely due to their stance, but their beautiful black coats do add to that command as well. Doberman Pinschers are a mix of

Rottweilers, Terriers, and German Pinschers. They carry on similar characteristics that include athletic builds, high intelligence, and of course, the black coat. Doberman Pinscher coats also come in red, blue, and fawn colors. They also typically have rust-colored markings in a few spots throughout their bodies. These dogs are also perfect for military and police work due to their discipline, intelligence, and physical abilities.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

Interestingly, the Portuguese Water Dog is named as such even though its coat is essentially waterproof. That being said, this dog breed is aptly named because they absolutely love the water. Their most distinctive characteristic is their webbed feet, which makes them the perfect water animal. They’re definitely useful as fishing dogs, but their intelligence allows them to be useful in many other ways as well. They are loving and fun, and they can even outsmart you if you aren’t careful. Their characteristic curly or wavy coats come in black, white, brown, or a combination of any of the three. The most popular Portuguese Water Dog lived in the White House not too long ago as First Dog to former President Obama and his family.

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