Five Great Dog Breeds With Really Long Ears

Everyone has a favorite part of a dog’s body that they love to look at, touch, and admire. For some people, the happy little waggly tail is a favorite, while for others, it’s their adorable wiggly nose, or cute expressive eyes.

But for many dog owners, and dog lovers, the ears are too cute and can really melt the heart. No matter what kind of dog breed is your personal favorite, there is no dog lover that can deny that dogs with long floppy ears are some of the most adorable, and appealing about them. Here are five great dog breeds with really long ears, some you probably already know, while others may not be as familiar.

1. Beagle

Here’s one breed that isn’t only well-known by name, but it’s also one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the US. They can be found in many homes all across the country, not only as family pets, but they are also hunting popular hunting dogs, and were often used by hunters on horseback. The Beagle is part of the hound group.

It’s a small hound, measuring about 13-15 inches tall, which is why they are most often used to track small prey, like rabbits. Beagles have very long droopy ears, which they use to help navigate their hunt. Of course, it is their noses that take the lead when they track, but the long ears that set low on the head drag on the ground and help to kick-up the scent of their prey. These are pack dogs, meaning love to be around company, especially their humans.

2. Coonhounds

There are a variety of coonhounds, including the treeing walker coonhound, Bluetick, the Black and Tan, the English coonhound, among others. These dogs were bred to hunt small prey, primarily raccoons, and they are very avid hunters. Their instincts are so strong, that even without training, this breed of dog will instinctively get on a scent and take off after it without even paying attention to how far away they are getting.

A Treeing Walker coonhound is the fastest and most agile of the coonhounds, and will get hot on the trail of a coon, chase it up a tree, and hold it hostage there until his owner comes to retrieve it. They are so dedicated that they are known to stand and bark at the base of the tree for hours just to alert you that they’ve got a coon. Coonhounds are generally good natured dogs, they love people, get along well with other dogs, and prefer a spot on your couch when they aren’t out hunting.

3. Bloodhounds

The Bloodhounds are one of the most notorious breeds with long ears. They also have those heavy, droopy eyes and saggy faces that almost look sad. They’re expressions make you want to squeeze them and cuddle them and tell them everything is going to be ok. Of course, while you’re loving on them, you can’t help but stroke their long, silky ears.

Bloodhounds have the strongest scent-detecting noses, which makes them excellent dogs for holding jobs on police forces, drug and bomb sniffing jobs, people and cadaver locators, among many other positions that require strong noses. These are hearty dogs, and can work for hours without tiring. These are also popular breeds to see in TV shows and movies, due to their very cool look of a droopy face and long, droopy ears.

4. Basset Hounds

These are cute little dogs that may not have the body-type to get out and run with the hunters on horseback, but they love to hunt with you while on-foot. They have a quirky little look, and one of the quirkiest traits is their long, sad and droopy face. Their ears hang very low and are also used to stir up scents of small prey as they run along the trail. These little dogs have good dispositions and are a breed that can hunt well alone, or in a pack.

5. Dachshund 

The Dachshund is a long and very short dog. He rides low to the ground and due to his shape, he is often referred to as a “hotdog” dog. Ok, that’s the silly nickname for the dog, but the other most common name that refers to the breed, is “Doxie”. These dogs are what hunters call, badger dogs. Yes, they were bred to hunt badgers, which are ground animals and easy for these low-to-the ground dogs to hunt.

Most commonly, Dachshunds are short-haired dogs, but there is also a long-haired breed that is a very beautiful dog. All varieties have very long ears that nearly drag the ground. They big hearts, and are often referred to as big dogs in a little dog’s body. These are popular dogs for the elderly and people who live in small quarters.


These are just five of the several other types of dogs with long ears, but they are some of the most popular and most recognizable. Dogs with long, droopy ears have special requirements for taking care of them. As the caregiver or owner of a long-eared dog, it’s important to check their ears very regularly to make sure they are  kept clean. These dogs have a tendency to get dirt and debris in them, even hold water, all of which can cause infections. Regular cleaning is needed to keep a long-eared dog’s ears clean and healthy.

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