The Top 20 Pet Friendly Hotels in the U.S.

When traveling with your pet, it can be difficult to find a hotel that is prepared to deal with the special needs that come with being a pet owner. Not all of them are willing to allow pets in their rooms and some charge high deposit fees for pet rooms. Some hotels recognize the fact that pet lovers who cannot bear to leave their animals behind have special needs and they have made provisions for guests who are accompanied by their furry companions. If you are a pet owner, we have some good news for you. Here is a list of the top 20 pet friendly hotels in the US.

1. The Jefferson in Washington DC

Travellers with pets are welcome to bring up to 2 along with full accommodations in any of the rooms in the hotel. Pets are supplied with their own beds as well as bowls for food and water and even special pet treats. This pet friendly hotel also provides a map of the nearby walking routes so owners can walk their pets in areas that are also pet friendly. The charge for pet accommodations is set low at just $50 for the duration of the stay. If you’re travelling with your pet in this area, you’ll find this to be a welcoming hotel for your beloved pet.

2. The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado

The Little Nell is the number one top ranked hotel in Aspen. In addition, it is pet friendly and guests are welcome to bring pets of all types. This hotel goes over and above in providing amenities for pets as well as human guests. Water bowls and pet beds are a part of the package. Special gourmet pet dinner options are also available. In addition to this, because of the high altitude, the hotel offers a puppy jet lag kit that helps pets to adjust to the thinness of the air. A map of walking trails is provided as well as pet sitting and walking services. The additional cost per pet is $25 per night along with a $125 cleaning fee per stay.

3. The Greenwich Hotel

This hotel is so pet friendly that it doesn’t charge additional fees for bringing your pet along for the stay. It welcomes all types of animals and pets are welcome in any of the rooms that are available. They are supplied with their own beds and bowls for food and water. There are no weight restrictions for guest pets at this hotel.

4. The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles

This hotel is rated and the number four top hotel in LA. Guests are welcome to bring pets who will be greeted with full amenities. The fee for bringing your pet is just $35 per night. Your pet will be provided with a bed, bowls for food and water, bone shaped cookies customized with their names, dog treats and pink tennis balls for play. Owners may pay an additional fee if they wish to use the hotels’ pet sitting or pet walking services. These may be arranged for at the concierge.

5. The Hermitage Hotel

Guests are welcome to bring their dogs or cats for a fee of $50 per night. Additional amenities include pet beds, food and water bowls, custom pet treats, pet massage services, evening turndown service, dog walking and pet sitting services. This hotel has been ranked as number one in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

6. The Umstead Hotel and Spa

This hotel is rated as the number one choice in South Carolina. The Umstead charges a one time pet fee of $200 per stay, but the amenities that are included in the fee are a bargain for the price. Pets are provided with pet beds, water bowls and pet treats. Dog sitting and walking services are included in teh cost of the pet fee so they are available upon request. What really makes this hotel one of the most pet friendly is their addition of DogWoods. It is a fully enclosed and spacious play area that the hotel developed specifically for guest pets.

7. The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Ranked number 22 in the State of California, the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel welcomes guests with dogs. The hotel offers seasonal activities for dogs, especially around certain holidays. Pet amenities include pet bed, water bowls, chew treats and a menu that is designed specifically for dogs. A map of walking trails which includes doggie waste bags are also provided. The pet fee is $150 per stay with an additional $50 per night. There is a limit of two dogs per room.

8. The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

The ninth best hotel in Las Vegas allows guests to bring up to two pets per room for a fee of $50 per night per dog. There is a weight limit of 25 pounds. Dog treats and water bowls are provided as well as access to a play area that is fully enclosed and gives dogs a roomy place to exercise and play.

9. The Mark Hotel

The Mark is ranked at the 16th best hotel in New York City. It is located a few blocks away from Central Park. This offers pet owners access to pet friendly trails. The hotel supplies pets with their own bowls, pet bed, pet treats and a place mat. There is a one time fee of $115 per stay. The concierge can recommend pet walking and sitting services to interested guests.

10. The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, MA

This hotel is located near Boston Common and Boston Gardens. This gives pet owners plenty of open space to walk and play with pets. They welcome guests with dogs up to 25 pounds in weight. Pet amenities include a pet bed, an in room pet menu, food and water bowls. Guest also have access to pet sitting and pet walking services through the hotel for an additional fee. This allows guests to get out and see the sights without the need to worry about the well-being of their beloved pets. This hotel understands the unique needs of pet owners and strives to accommodate them.

11. Calistoga Ranch, An Auberge Resort

This hotel ranks the second best in the Napa Valley and the fourth best in the State of California. It welcomes guests with pets which are limited to dogs of any size only. Amenities for dogs include a pet bed, bowls, pet treats and a special pet menu for doggy room service. An activity pamphlet is also included which lets owners know what pet activities are available and which venues are pet friendly as well. The fee for your dog to room with you in this hotel is $125 or each pet per stay.

12. The St. Regis Aspen Resort

This hotel is ranked as number two in Aspen. It welcomes guests with pets and has made preparations to provide special pet amenities. Pets staying with their owners at this hotel not only get their own pet bed, but they also get a blanket, food and water bowls and doggie bags. The hotel is located conveniently near Wagner Park, which has open spaces and trails for walking, exercise and play. Fees for bringing pets along include a daily fee of $25 and a $25 room fee per pet.

13. The Fairmont in San Francisco, California

This hotel welcomes guests with dogs. Pet amenities include a mini bar as well as one for their owner. The bar is stocked with dog treats and also includes a ceramic bowl, and a chew toy and a blanket for pets. Human guests will appreciate the spritzer which is filled with an infusion of cloves, peppermint and lemon grass to encourage dogs to sleep in their own beds. An aromatic candle that is intended for eliminating pet odors is also included. Room charges start at $279 and an unspecified dog fee is also charged.

14. Ten Thousand Waves, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This inn follows a Japanese style with houses that are ryokan inspired. They offer the ultimate in dog friendliness. There is plenty of room for dogs to run and play. They are provided their own besds. Each rental house is fully fenced and dog proofed. The dog fee is $20 per night.

15. Trump International Hotel & Tower, Chicago

The Trump Hotel is among the most dog friendly Hotel in Chicago. Pets are given their own beds along with a water bowl and bottled water to keep pets hydrated. Gourmet pet trats are also provided. Information about dog friendly places to visit in the city are also provided. Guests have fast access to the outdoor dog park that is neary. An in room dog dining menu is also included for pets who love room service. There is no additional charge for bringing your dog to this hotel.

16. Top Notch Resort, Stowe, Vermont

This hotel does not charge a fee for bringing your dogs. It is one of Vermonts most pet friendly resorts. Your dog is provided with his own fleece wrapped aero bed with turndown service. Also included in the pet package is a mini bone treat with some great flavor choices that dogs love. You are welcome to take the water bowl home with you as a souvenir of the trip. You can also sign your dog up for a Reiki massage treatment at the Spa. This resort does not charge guests an additional fee for bringing their dogs.

17. Mandarin Oriental, Miami

This pet friendly hotel charges a $200 dog fee, but $100 of that is refundable. This is one of Miami’s favored hotels for pet accommodations. The Mandarien Oriental provides a pet bed with a total turndown service, a doggy bathrobe, a certified exercise trainer for your dog who will also help your pet with problems including jumping up or lots of barking.

18. Kimpton Hotels

These hotels offer pet friendly attitudes throughout their entire chain. Dogs are the only pets welcomed, but they are so with open arms. The hotel provides pet beds, pet treats and doggie toys. Dogs are also provided with doggie treats with a cmoplementary basket of treats and a free water at the bar while owners enjoy a human adult beverage of their own. Allowing pets into the bar area on special nights is an unusually great accommodation. This hotel chain does not charge a fee for bringing your dogs.

19. W Hotels

W Hotels chage a dog fee of $25 per night for each dog that you bring along with a cleaning fee of $100. Pets are greated with some wonderful amenities. These include a welcome packet that has a tag, a toy, clean up bags and a treat enclosed. The owners get a flier with useful information about local pet friendly venues. Dogs are provided with a bed, food and water bowls and doggies are given a snakc at turndown. Doggie Yoga classes are also available upon request.

20. XV Beacon, Boston

This hotel charges an optional dog fee of $25. The venue donates this pet fee in its totality to the ASPCA. Dogs are welcome and they are greeted with their own homemade biscuit. In addition, a selection of toys is provided including both soft plush and rubber. Turndown service extends for pets as well as owners. Dogs are provided with a snack and water at turndown. They don’t have a dog specific room service menu for dogs, but they do have foods available for your pet.


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