Unnecessarily Banned Dog Breeds By Certain Regions


First and foremost, we need to stress that we don’t believe a whole breed of dog should be punished just of some acts perpetrated by single dogs. Also, just because some poor dogs may have ended up in the hands of some bad owners, that doesn’t mean the entire breed of dog should be punished and looked at differently. Sadly, that is how this world is when it comes to animals, and that is just what we are addressing here.

As much as it may seem to the opposite, there are many breed specific laws that seem to continue and thrive in places where certain dog breeds are deemed “threatening” or dangerous. Even though the ASPCA and Humane Society stand strong against the acts of vilifying breeds, there is little it seems we can do to prevent or stop it.

The worst part is, as many of you know, there are certain specific breeds that always seem to get the brunt of the negative attention. We are talking about Pit Bulls, but hopefully with this list, bringing to light a few other breeds that get some of that negative attention, too. What people seem to forget is how a dog acts depends on  how the dog is raised, and not what breed it is. Pit Bulls are often used as accessories and weapons to certain people, and maybe it is time we focus our attention on holding those people accountable and less on blaming the breeds.

That disclaimer out of the way, here are the top thirteen banned dog breeds. You will notice we use some pictures of puppies, and some of the full size animal just to show you that dogs are rarely born vicious. They are simply taught to be that sometimes, and that comes back on us as humans, not the dog breeds.

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Pit Bull: It is said that 42-25% of dog attacks are caused by Pit Bulls, and sadly, this fear does not seem to be going away or lessening. Bet you didn’t know, but it is illegal to have one of these dogs in Miami, Florida. Yes, that is how serious it is.  Again, I, and many like me, think this falls into the owners of this breed of dog, who like to use it is a weapon or status symbol.

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Neapolitan Mastiff: When it comes to a dog’s threat level, size and weight do factor in.  For that reason alone, the many varied Mastiff breeds have been a big source of fear for many people over the years. Also, completely banned in Singapore. But so is gum chewing, so we don’t what that says about them.

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Presa Canario: Sadly, there have been multiple reports of people being killed or mauled by the Presa Canario breed since 2000, and New Zealand and Australia has banned them completely.  A breed you do not see too often in the U.S, but a breed to be aware of regardless.

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Doberman Pinscher: We really, truly believe a big part of this dog’s bad reputation came from the fact that it was used to represent the devil in the 70’s movie The Omen. We needed to say that. Truth is, they are known to be very aggressive towards strangers, though. That and their stature and look, which tends to intimidate many people.

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Tosa Ken: The simple fact that these dogs can grow to 200 + pounds was reason enough for the whole of the U.K to say no the Tosa Ken breed.  Said to be sweet by those who breed them, there are still many countries that do not allow the Tosa Ken within their borders.

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Perro de Prasa Mallorquins: We think the thing that scares people most about the Perro breed is the simple fact that they were bred to be fighting dogs. Massive, heavy, and unflinching, they are seen as frightening creatures by all who come across them. Heck, even that picture is a little scary, we won’t lie. Those who now them, love them. Those who don’t, fear them.

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American Bulldog: Another example of a breed banned in Singapore, the American Bulldog breed has earned a bad reputation that has only gotten worse in the last few years. We are speaking of the school bus attack. The less you know about it, the better. We love American Bulldogs, but a few stories in the last few years have put some real fear into the people about this usually docile breed.

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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: Obviously, anytime you cross a wild dog and wild wolf, the breed you get will be high energy, territorial, and adept at hunting prey.  For this reason alone, this is a dog you do not bring home as the family pet. The picture we used should make that pretty clear. Wolf breeds may look stunning, but remember, they are part wolf.

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Rottweiler: Much like the Pit Bull, the Rottweiler is a dog that has a reputation that supersedes it. Thing is, if you have ever met a loving Rottweiler, it can also be said when they are raised right, they are the sweetest most loyal dogs in the world.  The problem is, as long as there are reported human fatalities, this dog breed will never be seen in a different light. Sadly, there are countless fatalities from Rottweiler attacks every year, with four in 2011 alone. That does not help their reputation in mass media.  For reasons like that, they are banned in Portugal, Poland, and many other countries. Sad and unfortunate, really.

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Alaskan Malamutes: A dog with such a strong hunting instincts, it is considered dangerous. Used to be used for hauling heavy freight due to their sheer strength.  Those two reasons seem to factor into the fear many have of this dog breed.

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Fila Bresalario: A dog known for high intelligence and pure brute force, the Fila Bresalario breed has been banned in the U.K, Denmark, Norway and many other countries as well.  Take one look at it and it looks like a tank covered in fur. Yes, that can be a very scary thing for most people.

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Cane CrosoA dog that was used by the Romans in war time. Seriously. That is not a joke or an exaggeration. You are not likely to find or know anyone who has a Cane Corso, but you would DEFINITELY remember if you ever saw one. They honestly look like they are pure muscle and carved out of rock.  A very imposing breed, indeed.

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Bull Terrier: Did you know the Bull Terrier breed is #1 for lean muscle tissue among dogs? Do you know what that means? They really are, pretty much, made out of pure muscle. You add to that their “prey drive” which is their instinct to hunt (smaller animals), and you have a dog that many consider to be very dangerous.

Not us, mind you. We are aware some dogs are dangerous, but we are also inherently aware that there are some humans who are dangerous, and there are some cars that are dangerous. You would never see the Italy ban sports cars because they go fast and may hurt people. You would never see certain American cities ban fast food because it is dangerous and kill people.

So why is it okay to ban dogs and certain breeds for the same silly reason?

There is some food-for-thought we wanted to end this list on. Take to the comments and let us know what breed you think has the most unfair reputation.

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