Will Moving Distress My Dog and What Can I Do To Help?

I was asked this recently from a good friend of mine who was moving and wanted to see if it would be traumatizing for his dog, Ruffles. The truth is simple, really. Yes, moving may distress your dog, but believe it or not, only as much as you let it distress you. What people often forget is, dog are emotional sponges. They pick up on our energy, big time. So if you are a visible wreck, most likely your dog will be, too. But relax, we have some simple hints to make it easier.

One, bring the dog there a few times before you move in and let it know that it is its new home. If you just move and bring the dog once you do, the dog will be out of sorts and a bit discombobulated. What you need to do is also make sure the dog knows that there is a spot in the new house for it. If it has a favorite blanket or toy, place the toy and blanket there and let the dog know that it can be as comfortable here as it was in its last favorite spot. It may take Fido some time to adjust to the change in atmosphere and energy, but as long as it knows it is welcome and has a place, it will eventually take to it.

So when you move, will it distress your dog? Yes, but only as much as you let it. Take these simple steps to ensure the dog feels just as to home in the new house as it did the old one. It takes some time, but is well worth it for all involved.

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

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