Wisconsin Dog Groomer Becomes Hit on Prime-TV

Hair is our crowning glory, and we all have that one hairstylist who can work magic to give us that picture-perfect look we cut out from a magazine. Well, dogs also have their fur trimmed by a Wisconsin dog groomer who has become a hit on Prime-TV thanks to her talented hands. The groomer, Deb Compton, is on the reality TV show “Pooch Perfect” where she can turn even a puppy into a badger with her gifted hands. Compton’s work speaks for itself for someone who chanced into dog grooming, and it screams perfection. If you are yet to watch the show, you are missing out, so let’s first acquaint you with how she got into reality TV and how she’s fairing.

She Dreamed of Being a Firefighter

When Compton was 16, she hoped to turn her dream of becoming a firefighter into a reality. Therefore, she enrolled in the firefighting academy and took up a job in retail to help pay her tuition. However, with time, she got tired of the retail section; thus, when she heard that Petco needed dog groomers in South Florida, she took the leap of faith. Compton did not know the intricacies of dog grooming, but to her, anything was better than retail. Management saw her potential, and after two days of bathing dogs, she was thrust into the training program.

Although dog grooming came to her by chance, Compton has never looked back. According to Madison, she fell in love with it, but some family members were not supportive of her job, thinking she was only holding on to it until she found something “permanent.” Years have passed by, and now Compton works at Pet Supplies Plus as the Regional Grooming Team Lead. Since she started by bathing dogs, she prefers that new employees also spend at least 90 days doing the same because the expert dog groomer believes they are halfway there after mastering it. Compton explained that when her recruits spend time bathing the dogs, they know how to handle them and the products to use on the different coat types. To her, the best thing that Pet Supplies Plus ever did was standardize a structured bathing course for all trainees. She now hopes that the reality TV show will reveal to people what dog grooming entails, including the efforts and talents that go into it.

Getting to be on Reality-TV

Of course, for a show titled “Pooch Perfect,” only the best of the best got to be contacted. Compton is no novice to dog grooming or competitions; since her journey started over two decades ago, she operated her grooming studio, “In the Dogz House,” from 2011 to 2019. The dog groomer flaunts her grooming skills in her bio; they include scissoring animals into the dog’s hair, turning them into wild creatures, and coat carving.

Her ability to shape a dog’s fur into anything is thanks to watching many tutorials from Irina Pinkusevich, a renowned pet stylist. While watching Pinkusevich, it dawned on Compton that the stylist uses the dog’s body as leverage as she does subtractive sculpting. Therefore, the dog groomer sharpened her styling skills while running the dog grooming business and homeschooling her children. However, she realized she was not interacting much with similar-minded people hence her decision to join Pet Supplies Plus in 2019.

Her talents have won her titles in the many competitions she has entered, including events for American Kennel Club where she likes to show Miniature Poodles and Bedlington Terriers. She has even been featured in dog grooming series like “Well Groomed,” but “Pooch Perfect” is her debut in reality television. In February 2020, The producers contacted her through her Facebook, and it took nearly one year of screening to fly out the dog groomer and her son, Jordan Jones, to Los Angeles, where filming took five weeks.

She stood out from thousands of applicants and joined nine other contestants picked from across the U.S. to compete for the grand prize of $100,000. She admitted that the pressure of being on reality television was a new experience. Still, Compton appreciates that she met other talented dog groomers and even celebrities who are the show’s judges. According to Austin Daily Herald, Compton hearing her name being called out by one of the judges, Rebel Wilson, was like a dream come true.

Reality TV Has Helped her Bond with her Son

The show has gone beyond helping Compton meet celebrity judges and worthy contestants; it has enabled her bond with her 19-year-old son, who helps his mother while she takes the lead. The teenager has been helping his mother bathe dogs since he was eight and then assisted her in preparing for competitions since he was 14. With time, Jones got so used to dog grooming that he landed a job at Pet Supplies Plus in Austin. He confessed that working with the canines was to earn a living, but once he got used to it, he realized the potential of employing his creative side. He now has developed his own style and loves everything dog grooming entails.

With over ten years of experience in grooming dogs, it is no wonder that Compton asked Jones to join her in the show and be part of Team Deb. Her decision has proven worthwhile because Jones has been her rock, helping her to remain grounded despite the pressure that comes with reality television. She revealed to Unified News Group that Jones understands each look on her face; therefore, when he sees she is worried, the teenager calms his mother down. The mother-son team has survived three rounds of elimination, and seven teams remain. We can only hope that they will continue to win the hearts of judges and bag the prize when the time to wrap up the season comes.

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