The 10 Best Cars If You’re a Dog Lover

Lincoln MKC Engage Your Senses: Creating Grace Under Pressure

If you are a dog lover and you have dogs at home, you know how important it is to keep your dogs safe in the car. In fact, you probably know that choosing a vehicle that works well with your dog is a must. You would never shop for a car that wasn’t safe for your kids, or one that doesn’t fit your entire family, so why not include the dog in this? Most dog lovers do exactly that; they consider their pet when they are shopping for new vehicles, and for a good reason. The car you choose for your family needs to fit your family and your dog. It needs to have plenty of space, plenty of climate control and it needs to be easily accessible for your dog.

Autotrader spends some time every year looking into vehicles and choosing those that are best for families with dogs. These vehicles are safe, reliable and they have plenty of space for your entire family, your belongings and everything in between. That’s what makes these vehicles so amazing for your family, your pups included. Read on to see which 2015 vehicles are must have vehicles for dog lovers according to Autotrader.

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  1. Umm I don’t think Kia which stands for “Killing Innocent Animals ” should be on this list, Kia’s are made in a country where they eat dogs and cats, korea. And I can’t believe the 4runner isn’t on this list. I have a 4runner and my dog’s loves the fact that the back window rolls down. It is every dog lovers dream vehicle.

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