10 Bugs You Never Want in your House if you Have a Dog


We were going to start this off by saying that there is a long list of bugs you do not want in your home if you have a dog. Then we thought that it might not actually matter since you probably don’t want these bugs in your house even if you don’t have a dog. In fact, no one wants bugs in their house. We don’t have a dog and we don’t want bugs.

You might have a dog and still not want bugs. The truth of the matter, however, is that while bugs are nasty creatures no one wants inside their homes, some of them are very dangerous to animals, particularly dogs. Bugs can be irritating to you and your family, some even dangerous. Many bugs can be even worse than just irritating when it comes to your dogs, however.

They carry disease, and they can make your dogs very sick. There are a number of bugs that could actually kill your dog if they get too lose and potentially attack your dog. Read on to find out which bugs you absolutely do not want in your home if you have a dog (or at all, really).

Black Widows

These spiders are very obvious thanks to the hourglass shape on their stomachs. And they are very poisonous. They can cause serious damage to people and dogs, and this includes death. The best thing you can do if you find a black widow is kill it and then search for its nest and see if there are more. If there are, kill them. But don’t get too close.


While they’re not going to kill you or your dog, they’re going to hurt. Scorpions sting, and it’s painful. Your best bet is to ensure you don’t have any. Pest control in your home will do a great deal to keep scorpions at bay, even if they are already inside. You’ll have pest control come out and begin noticing the following morning the bodies lying around your house.


Fire ants are dangerous to dogs if they bite. Even regular ants are bad for dogs. They bite, and it hurts dogs. It can cause irritation to the skin. But more than that, ants love to eat so they will get into your dog’s food and eat that. And then your dogs could eat the ants. While it’s not going to kill them, it’s irritating and it’s going to cause you problems in the rest of your house since they probably will not stop at just the dog food.

Brown Recluse

These are poisonous spiders that can cause a lot of damage to a dog. They are highly poisonous to anyone who comes into contact with them, including you. If a brown recluse bites you or an animal in your home, it’s important to get to the doctor right away. If the spider bites the dog, it can cause the skin to die as well as the tissues surrounding the skin.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are bad for everyone. They bite and cause sores to anyone who gets near them; dogs included. Your dog could end up with some skin issues if bed bugs become a problem. They can get into the dog bed, the floor, animals, stuffed animals, curtains and just about everything in between. If you have bed bugs, you have to do a major detox to your home.


If we are quite honest, we can tell you what you already know about fleas. If you have an animal, particularly a dog, you just don’t want these in your home. However, you already know this. Dogs can bring in fleas and cause major damage to more than just the dog. Fleas can get into your carpet. They can get into your stuffed animals and into your other animals and they can irritate you by biting you. It’s just a mess all in all.


Ticks aren’t commonly found in homes. However, if you have a tick in your home, you probably have a problem. They contain a bevy of different health concerns, including the fact that your dog could end up with Lyme disease or even other issues. You could also end up with Lyme disease if a tick bites you. These are not creatures that are just going to come into your house; however, they’re going to be brought in by an animal.

June Bugs

What’s wrong with a June bug? Other than the fact that it’s a bug and bugs are, by nature, just gross, they can also cause your dog to become quite sick. If your dog comes into contact with one of these little bugs, you will find that you have a lot of mess to clean up. They can cause your dog to vomit excessively as well as experience frequent diarrhea. And since dogs can’t just run to the bathroom at a moment’s notice all the time, you could have a mess on your hands.


They’re irritating and can carry a number of health concerns that they love to transmit to people and animals. No one likes mosquitoes, yet they’re somehow around on a regular basis. These can bite your dog and cause some damage. And that’s not good. And they are definitely animals that can cause heartworm disease, which is very dangerous.


The truth about bees is that they are more annoying than anything else, but their sting has been known to cause fatalities in dogs at times. If your dog yelps and then you notice that his face begins to swell, chances are good that a bee has stung your dog. You will want to get the dog to the vet right away to ensure that your dog is not having an allergic reaction to the bee sting. Most dogs are just irritated by the sting of a bee, but some have a lot more to worry about. Bees aren’t common house pests, but they do like to nest on porches and patios, so it’s important to keep them away from the house and your pets.

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