What to Look for in a Samoyed Puppy


The Samoyed is one of the most alert dogs you will ever come across. This lovely breed is happy to help, happy to be of assistance and it always looks as if it is smiling at you thanks to its curled black lips and its slight smile. This is a dog that actually looks happy to see you at all times, and there is nothing we like better than a dog that is happy to see us. For that reason, we like dogs. And this is a breed that makes a great pet. Samoyeds are very intelligent, and they love people. They are loyal and ready to work. This is a dog that wants to have something heavy to cart around, which is why it’s so often used as a pulling or hiking dog. Because this is a breed that likes to work and likes to stay active, it’s in your best interest to keep this dog busy. It will do much better if it has a job and plenty of exercise. It’s a dog that loves people and spending time with its family, but it also needs some special attention. It’s a breed that will require some grooming; a good, thorough brushing at least once a week to keep it from shedding more than necessary all over your house. If the Samoyed is a dog that interests you, find out what you should look for in a puppy.

Bright, Alert Puppies

One of the most important things to look for in a Samoyed puppy is one that is bright and alert. These dogs are just that, and it’s not a habit they adopt over time. It is a habit they are born with, and a habit that they live with. These dogs are the kind of dogs that should be excited and curious from the start. If you come across a litter of Samoyed puppies that seems shy, skittish or withdrawn, leave. This is a major indication that the dogs are not being properly cared for. And while it might be your first reaction to try and save those dogs, this kind of treatment at an early age can indicate a dog that will be very difficult to care for. Chances are good that someone else will come along and want to adopt or purchase a puppy of this nature, but you can always report your suspicions to animal control if you feel that dogs are being abused or mistreated in any way. In fact, we encourage you do to so if you suspect animal abuse at all.

Playful Puppies

The Samoyed is a very playful breed, which means you should be sure to look for this in a new puppy. This is not to say that one that is not playful isn’t a good dog to purchase, it’s just not something that you should overlook. Just like we mentioned above, a playful puppy is a good indication that a dog is being well taken care of. One that is not playful or interested in being near people could be the victim of abuse or mistreatment, or it could be a dog with some health issues that should concern you. Ask the breeder why this particular puppy does not seem playful and wait for a response. It might be something very honest, such as a puppy that’s not been feeling well. It could also be a response that leaves you feeling that something is wrong; act on your instincts.

A Puppy with Good Parents

One of the most important things to look for when it comes to finding a puppy for your family is one with good parents. This means you should ask the breeder for their paperwork. You’ll want to see the information that the breeder has on the parents, including their health history and registration papers. This information is necessary if you want to know if there are any genetic issues you should be aware of when it comes to your pup. If a breeder is hesitant to show you this information, go ahead and leave without a puppy. This is never a good sign.

Vet Records

All new litters should be seen by a vet after they are born. This is information your breeder should be happy to provide you. If not, however, it means that it’s time to go the other direction and run. Health information is vital. Without it, you have no idea if this puppy is healthy. You have no idea if this puppy was born with any genetic disorders or concerns, and you have no idea if this puppy has actually seen a vet. It might not seem like the biggest deal, but it is. If you choose to take this puppy anyway, you could be out a lot of money if that puppy is nowhere near as healthy as was indicated by the breeder.

Many Samoyed breeders are very loyal, very professional and very concerned with the safety and well-being of their animals. One that is not is always a red flag. If you feel that the dogs you are seeing do not seem to live up to the expectations you have of the dogs after doing ample research, it could be because of the breeder. And while we hate to make you wait even longer for the puppy you’ve been waiting for, sometimes waiting is the best course of action when it comes to getting the best dog for your family. A purebred dog does not come cheap, and dogs are meant to live with their families for many, many years. If you buy one from a breeder that is not as reputable as he or she should be, your dog might not make it very long at home, it might have behavioral issues and it might cause you more stress and misery than anything else. Unfortunately, this does happen. Be sure to look for the above mentioned signs when you are looking at puppies so that you can tell whether or not they are healthy.

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