10 Dog Friendly Hotels You Will Absolutely Love

Dog hotels are amazing

Being a dog owner is amazing. Dogs are everyone’s best friend, confidant and support system. Sure, they drool and they shed and they sometimes chase off the mailman and the neighbors and they sometimes bark in the middle of the night at a lizard on the porch. They’re not perfect, but neither are we. Sadly, many of us forget all about our dogs when we travel. They’re one of the most important aspects of our family, yet we board them with strangers, leave them home alone with an occasional visit from a friend or family member throughout the day or we just send them to a friend’s house and forget about them.

Before you begin criticizing dog owners for their lack of attention to their dogs while traveling, remember that not everywhere you go accepts dogs as guests. Hotels are notorious for asking that you leave your furry friends at home, charging you outrageous fees if they find a dog in your room. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with a list of the most fun, most fabulous hotels in the country that are happy to accept your dog as one of their prized guests. Now you can plan your vacations around your dog instead of worrying about boarding him or finding a dog sitter. You are so very welcome.

Ritz-Carlton Beaver Creek

If you have a desire to stay in Colorado for any length of time, you might want to do so here with your dog. The Ritz-Carlton Beaver Creek is so dog friendly that he gets his own room service menu, his own bed and so much more. What really makes this hotel one of the most dog friendly hotels in the world, though, is the fact that they even cater the room service menu to your dog personally, based on his age and health.

W Hotels

All W Hotels have something they like to call their P.A.W.S. program (Pets are welcome). Your dog is going to get his own welcome gift, and you are going to get peace of mind when you stay here. These upscale hotels are designed so that you can enjoy the time you have away from your home with your dog, and so that you can do it without much stress at all.

Topnotch Resort Stowe

This gorgeous Vermont hotel is going to make sure that your dog is in good hands at all times. This hotel offers you the ability to keep your dog in your room, send him to the doggie spa or even taking him out and about in the wilderness. Additionally, your dog is going to love his personal bed and his own personal robe. There is nothing that’s not amazing for dogs here, which is why so many travelers choose this amazing location to bring their favorite canines.

Hotel Monaco Alexandria

This gorgeous Virginia hotel is so friendly with dogs that they even have a few hotel dogs, not to mention two weekly doggie happy hours in which guests are invited to bring their dogs to the hotel for complimentary snacks and water. The best part is that you get your own personal cocktail, which makes life just a little bit more enjoyable.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Located in the gorgeous Southern California beach area, this amazing hotel is going to make sure your dog is always happy. From welcoming the dog with a personalized goodie basket to a bed, your dog is going to get more here than just about anywhere. After all, when was the last time you took your dog out for a surfing lesson with a pro? Oh, never? Well, he will get the chance to learn to surf with the pros at this hotel, which is just one of the many reasons it is an amazing location for those who have to, or want to, travel with their dogs.

Ten Thousand Waves Santa Fe

If you just so happen to be in New Mexico for anything, you’re going to love this dog-friendly hotel. It’s an inn that’s modeled after a traditional Japanese inn. With eight separate bungalows situated among the wood, this is the perfect place for dogs. There’s plenty of space in your room, and acres and acres on which your dog can run around and have a great time.

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale

While not all Hyatt properties welcome dogs quite like the Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale, this property has it all. Dogs are always welcome here, and they are always treated like royalty. These dogs are going to have a doggy ambassador of their own, water, food, snacks, treats, toys and even social time with other animals. This might actually be one of the most amazing doggie hotels in the world

Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago

Trump may or may not be your favorite presidential candidate, but his Chicago hotel is your favorite hotel for dogs. Your precious pooch is going to get his own bed, a water bowl of his own and gourmet treats throughout your stay. Staff is even happy to care for your dog if you are out for the day and in need of a little bit of assistance.

Fairmont San Francisco

Not only does the world famous Fairmont in San Francisco cater to humans, it also loves to have dogs present. This hotel loves dogs so much that it actually offers dogs their own mini bar in dog-friendly rooms. It’s filled with cable car shaped dog treats and lots of fresh water. Just know that your dog is not going to want to come home at the end of this trip.

XC Beacon Boston

This gorgeous Boston hotel offers you the chance to stay with your dogs for as long as you’d like. The chef is big on making dogs their own gourmet doggie treats, and you even get a gift for your dog. All dogs that stay here receive a plush toy, their choice of rubber toys and their choice of comfortable beds.

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