The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in Nebraska

Pit Bulls are much maligned. People are pushing back on that narrative. However, they haven’t been 100 percent successful, as shown by how some places still ban the ownership of these dogs.

As such, Pit Bulls need more help from animal lovers than most of their counterparts. Their tarnished reputation means they struggle to find homes. Something that can increase their chances of euthanization because animal shelters have limited resources at their disposal.

Animal lovers can help Pit Bulls in several ways. One is adopting one of these dogs, while another is donating time and other resources to animal rescues.

Here are the ten best Pit Bull rescues in Nebraska:

10. Nebraska Humane Society – Omaha, NE

Concern for animals is older than interested individuals might expect. Thanks to that, humane societies operating throughout the United States have often existed for decades. For instance, the Nebraska Humane Society has been around since 1875, thus making it one of the oldest animal welfare organizations in the country.

Nowadays, it continues to do good work for Pit Bulls and other animals in need. Due to this, people looking for a way to help out should start by seeing whether there is a humane society or a similar animal welfare organization in their local area.

9. Town and Country Humane Society – Papillion, NE

Town and Country Humane Society is another example of a local humane society. Interested individuals should know these animal welfare organizations tend not to have relationships with one another despite their similar-sounding names.

Due to that, one humane society’s policies can be quite different from another’s. In any case, Town and Country Humane Society is a no-kill shelter serving Eastern Nebraska. That means it can always benefit from more support for its activities.

8. Hearts United For Animals – Auburn, NE

Hearts United For Animals is a well-regarded animal rescue based in Auburn. It helps out in several ways. For example, it runs a no-kill shelter. Similarly, it provides certain kinds of assistance to pet owners, which is important because helping pets stay with their families is much easier than re-homing them. On the whole, Hearts United For Animals is another solid choice for those who want to help Pit Bulls and other animals in need.

7. Brave Animal Rescue – Lincoln, NE

Brave Animal Rescue came into existence in 2020. Despite this, interested individuals should know it boasts more experience than it seems on initial consideration because its founders were long-time volunteers for other animal welfare organizations.

In any case, Brave Animal Rescue specializes in helping kittens and puppies, which is critical because the overwhelming majority of the animals entrusted to animal shelters are less than 18 months old.

That means this animal welfare organization is working to meet a real need, thus explaining its founders’ decision to come together in the first place.

6. 12 Hills Dog Rescue – Walthill, NE

Animal welfare organizations are a reminder that everyday people can make a real difference in the world. This one is a small, family-run operation based on the owner’s farm. As its name says, it takes in dogs in need from the surrounding area, thus giving them a place to go when nowhere else will take them.

5. Dolly’s Legacy Animal Rescue – Lincoln, NE

Dolly’s Legacy is named for a Pekingese rescued by the founder. As the story goes, she was one of several Pekingese dogs held by a dog breeder who no longer cared for them. Due to that, Dolly and her counterparts were held in crates in a furnace room with minimal care.

They had burns on their undersides because they were forced to lie in their waste. Furthermore, some of them lost their sight because of untreated eye issues. When Dolly passed, her owner founded Dolly’s Legacy as a way of honoring her memory.

The animal rescue takes in animals from overcrowded shelters, provides them with treatment, and then works to find them new homes.

4. Homeward Bound in the Heartland – Omaha, NE

Homeward Bound in the Heartland is a small organization operating in Omaha and its surroundings. It doesn’t specialize in helping Pit Bulls. However, it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the animal’s age, breed, or health. As a result, this organization is another solid choice for those who want to help Pit Bulls.

3. Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue – Omaha, NE

Muddy Paws has foster volunteers who step up when animals need a temporary home. However, much of its work is focused on keeping families together. First, it provides education, thus empowering pet owners to handle behavioral issues.

Second, it maintains a pantry, which helps pet owners cover some of the food costs for their pets. Third, it has been known to cover veterinary costs meant to save an animal’s life or restore an animal’s lost quality of life, though this is assuming that pet owners meet the necessary conditions.

2. Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue – Lincoln, NE

Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue is more or less what it sounds like, which is to say, a Nebraska-based organization that rescues dogs at risk of being euthanized. This is made possible by its network of foster volunteers.

It is interesting to note that Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue puts a fair amount of focus on building ties with the Capital Humane Society and other animal welfare organizations in the state.

That makes sense because more numbers make it easier to do things. As a result, a collaboration can enable interested parties to resolve cases that any single one of them would struggle with on their own.

1. Nebraska’s Animal Loving Advocates – Omaha, NE

This animal welfare organization is involved in the effort to find new homes for animals in need. Interested individuals can find a list of candidates on its website, much like how they can find similar lists on similar websites.

Besides that, Nebraska’s Animal Loving Advocates specializes in spreading public awareness. Animal welfare isn’t an issue with a single magical solution. Instead, it is complex and multi-faceted, meaning spreading public awareness is vital for encouraging public buy-in.

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