Couple Gives Up Their Dream Wedding So Terminally Ill Dog Can Be There To Celebrate

When you love someone, you do anything to make them happy, and sometimes that means putting your needs aside. It could be moving into a bigger home and tightening your belts to afford enough space for your many pets or postponing your aspirations so that your children can follow their own. Some even have saved up for their honeymoon only to end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on sick dogs. Such selfless love is shown by a couple giving up their dream wedding to ensure their terminally ill dog can be there to celebrate. The story of Estelle, the dog owner, and Bruce, the dog, which began when he was only two months old, is detailed below.

A Dog Slipping through His Owner’s Fingers

Estelle adopted Bruce when he was only eight weeks old and, for five years, had raised him to be the adorable and strong Bullmastiff he was. When love came knocking, and Danny swept Estelle off her feet, she knew that Bruce, her fur baby, would have to be at her wedding. Therefore, the lovebirds scheduled a May wedding. Unfortunately, in December, the dog’s tongue turned blue and his gums white. Upon being rushed to the hospital, Bruce was determined not to be getting enough oxygen in his system. Further examination showed that he had a pleural effusion-an accumulation of pleura, the fluid that helps in breathing and keeps the lungs lubricated. Since pleural effusion is usually a sign of a severe illness, the veterinarian conducted further tests that revealed Bruce had a large lump. They received the devastating news that the lump, which was probably cancerous, could not be removed without a fatal result. Therefore, Estelle and Danny were mentally-prepared for the canine’s demise, but he survived the seven-hour surgery. The lump turned out to be cancerous, and since it was highly aggressive and could attack the blood vessels, there was nothing more the vets could do. Instead, Estelle and Danny had to live with the knowledge that Bruce only had at most four months to live.

No Dog, No Wedding

Consequently, the plan for a May wedding was out of the question because Estelle wanted her fur baby to be in attendance. She explained to LAD Bible that having Bruce on her wedding day was important to her because he was more than a dog. He was her child, and no parent wants to have their wedding without their loved ones. Therefore, within three weeks of Bruce’s diagnosis, Estelle and Danny re-scheduled their wedding to have it in January. That meant that most guests could not attend and event planners could not manage, so Estelle’s cousins and aunt prepared snacks for the guests. The couple exchanged their vows at the Burton Registry Office, and Bruce was there in his tux to witness the beautiful occasion. Of course, they took lots of pictures to always remember Bruce by especially his joy on that special day. Unfortunately, he could only enjoy the occasion for an hour because his body was not in the best shape, so he needed to rest. Despite the four months left to live, Estelle was determined to be with him as long as possible hence fed him the recommended diet.

A Cancelled Wedding to Save a Dog’s Life

A wedding and honeymoon take up so much money as people try to put their vision into reality. However, some couples know the value of life and put their dream weddings and honeymoons to save their dogs. Such was the case of Melanie and Eddie; the lovebirds wanted to have their dream wedding and had saved up enough money for it. Unfortunately, they could not splurge on the event when a dog, Koda, they had rescued needed expensive medication for the rest of his life. Therefore, according to GodVine, the couple spent their savings on Koda’s medication instead. One good deed deserves another, and the local businesses were kind enough to contribute money to give Melanie and Eddie the wedding of their dreams. Moreover, the after-party was further catered for by Amber’s Jewel Catering, which goes to show what goes around will always come back around.

Sometimes Weddings Happen, but Honeymoons Don’t

Nicole and Darren were enjoying their honeymoon in Thailand when they had to cut it short to save a dog’s life. As animal lovers, they spent their time helping a local, Duen, feed stray dogs, and one day an injured dog made his way to the food that Duen was offering. Duen had noticed the dog used to come and feed on the treats brought for the strays and knew that the limp he had was from an accident he had suffered a week before. Having already witnessed Nicole and Darren’s love for animals, Duen asked the couple to take him since the dog had not had any veterinary care. According to Bark Post, the dog was so scared of humans he cried, vomited, and urinated when the couple tried making contact. They managed to get close to the dog, whom they baptized Ozzie and took him to their hotel room. While there, they bathed him, removed ticks, and made a make-shift splint from ice cream bar sticks to support his broken leg. The vet they found could not be of much help, and as they tried finding one that could assist Ozzie, the couple had to live with the dog in their hotel room. Time was running out, and Ozzie would not improve unless the couple canceled their honeymoon to drive for six hours and get a vet to operate on Ozzie. They cut short their honeymoon and took Ozzie to the vet miles away. However, the couple had to leave him behind since their home country, Australia, did not permit animal importation.

Featured Image Credit: Dawid Andrzejcak

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