Seven Things You Didn’t Know about the Cane Corso Mastiff

The Cane Corso Mastiff is a very large breed of dog. It is muscular, full of strength, and almost regal looking in its stature. It walks with such confidence and assurance. There is no mistaking the look of this dog. They always have a regal appearance and maintain a serious decorum at all times. They hail from Italy and are an ancient breed and were used primarily as all-around farm dogs in rural areas of the country. They are one of two types of Mastiffs, descendants from the Canis Pugnaces of Rome. These are very athletic dogs, despite their size. They are agile and versatile and are often used as guard dogs for families. If you are considering a Mastiff for your next dog, keep reading to learn seven things you didn’t know about the Cane Corso Mastiff to see if this is a good breed of dog for you.

1. Have a serious air about them 

This breed of dog always maintains its serious look and stature. There is an air about the breed that gives you the impression he is always in “regal mode.” When you come across a Cane Corso, many people feel intimidated with the breed, due its size and serious nature. And although it is true that the breed rarely lets its guard down, it will, and primarily when it is getting a little indulgence – especially snuggled with,or treated to snack time.

2. Very sensitive

Yes, this is a serious breed of dog, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings and is a sensitive dog. This breed of dog is very loyal to its family and highly sensitive to your needs and expectations. He wants to please and will always be by your side, except on occasion during a little adolescent stubbornness that they tend to go through. They are family dogs, unlike some breeds that will attach to one family member, this breed does not. It is loyal to the entire pack, or family.

3. Agility

This breed of Mastiff is quite fast and agile for his size. It can be surprising to think of a dog of this size as having speed and being nimble, but the Cane Corso is. This breed has incredible speed and is not clumsy and does not fumble. Because of their athleticism, they do require lots of exercise and playtime to help keep them in shape, happy and healthy.

4. Can be fun-loving and goofy

If you want a good laugh, just spend some time with a Cane Corso. These dogs actually seem to have a sense of humor. They do like to make you laugh and can do some goofy things. Because of their size, when they do clown around, it makes it even goofier and funny because they don’t realize how big they are. Let your Cane Corso have fun, be goofy and make you laugh.

5. Need to be trained not to chase

One thing about this breed is they have an instinct to chase small animals. They should be trained very early, and remain strict on preventing them to not chase and kill small animals; neighbors’ cats, squirrels, rabbits, etc. It is their instinct but they can be trained, so long as it starts very young. The behavior comes their high prey drive and their sense of territory. They are highly territorial dogs so will need to be worked with on a consistent basis to curb this behavior since the instinct will always be there.

6. Needs to be with family

The Cane Corso is not a loner dog. No do is, really, because dogs are pack animals and love to be with others, whether other animals or people. Even so, certain breeds do better with alone time than others, and the Cane Corso is not one of the breeds that does well with too much time on his own. To leave him alone for hours in the backyard is not good for your Cane Corso. He needs to be allowed to be with your family and spend a lot of quality time playing and socializing with you.

7. Grooming is easy

Despite your Cane Corso’s size, his grooming maintenance is fairly simple. He should be brushed about once a week to help keep his short, shedding fur from building. You will also want to regularly clean his ears and trim his nails. As far as baths, he will only need a real bath on the rare occasion that he gets really dirty. Bathing your Cane Corso too often can cause skin irritation and issues.



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