The Top Five Flea and Tick Collars on the Market Right Now

Your dog is your best friend and you want to do everything you can for him to make sure he is healthy and happy, and lives a long life. One thing that is not pleasant for either your dog, or you, is a flea infestation, whether on your dog or in your home – which can easily happen once your pet becomes infected with them. Fleas and ticks are big nuisances for dogs, and they can cause health problems in some cases, if left untreated. One thing most dog owners try to do, is control fleas and ticks on their pets, and one of the most popular modes of protection is with a flea and tick collar. It is one method that has been around for many years, and today, flea and tick collars can even more protection than collars from yesteryears. Technology and knowledge of works best in flea and tick collars, has improved them, making them very safe, effective and convenient. No messy liquid to put on your dog, no fuss with trying to get your dog to take medication by mouth, and no messy flea and tick sprays that make your dog’s fur wet, sticky, and smelly. So how do you know which collars are the best? Well, we have five of them and to learn more, just continue reading because these are the top five dog flea and tick collars on the market right now.

5. Hartz Ultra Guard Dog Flea and Tick Collar – $5.92

Hartz is a top, and very well-known and trusted name in pet care. They have been making pet products for years and pet owners trust them. One of their products, the Ultra Guard Dog flea and tick dog collar is one of the top flea and tick collars on the market today. The collar is meant for dogs 12 weeks and older, and it not only kills and repels both fleas and ticks for a good 7 months, but it also prevents flea eggs for up to the same 7 months. This is what will help prevent the flea cycle for continuing, or even starting (if your dog did not already have fleas). The collar is simple to put on your dog, an d adjustable. It’s water resistant, and it won’t cost you much like some collars, and other flea and tick preventions.

4. Likang Dog Flea and Tick Collar – $15.99

Likang knows that fleas and ticks are not only annoying for your dog, but they can be harmful to your pet’s health. Nobody likes to see their dog miserable with itching and scratching, so they developed a dog collar that not only kills fleas and ticks, but it also works to kill lice, larvae and mosquitoes, as well as repel them. The collar works for a full 8 months and is natural, so it’s 100% safe in its protection. You can adjust the collar to fit your individual pet’s neck size, and the best thing is, that once you put the collar on, it can reduce the number of fleas by 80% in just 48 hours and reduce the number of ticks by 85% in 72. If you’re worried about flea eggs, you won’t need to worry when your dog is wearing the collar, because it kills and prevents the eggs from hatching and cycling into adulthood. The Likang natural dog flea and tick collar is pleasant for your dog to wear, emitting a faint, natural orange scent.

3. LexasPro Dog Flea and Tick Collar – $19.95

Lexas Pro is an all natural flea and tick collar for dogs. It’s unlike any other in that it uses a composition of natural plant extract to protect your pet. You won’t find any harsh chemicals in this collar, which means your dog is safe from allergies. It’s safe for both humans and pets and has a light mint scent that is pleasing to you and your dog. The collar is a 25-inch, one-size-fits-all, it’s flexible, and easy to adjust to your dog’s neck size. It kills adult fleas and ticks, larvae, and eggs, swiftly, and repels mosquitoes. If you have been tired of having to replace your dog’s old flea and tick collar every few months, you won’t have to worry about that with this collar. Your dog gets a long-lasting 8 months of protection when he’s wearing a Lexas Pro collar, which means he stays comfortable and happy longer. If your pet happens to be under a big infestation at the time of putting it on him, then you will want to replace it sooner or more often.

2. Slicemall Dog Flea and Tick Collar – $19.99

The Slicemall flea and tick collar protects your dog from fleas and ticks by killing both adults and eggs. It’s an easy source of protection for your dog and will fit a dog up to a neck size of 25 inches. You can adjust it to your dog’s neck size. Although it is water resistant, to bathe your dog in it often isn’t recommended. You get a 4 month protection period with this collar before needing to replace it, and although it is suitable for most dogs, if you suspect your dog has an allergy to the collar, you will want to remove it right away. Don’t leave the collar too loose on your pet’s neck, as this can give him room to get it caught on things and cause harm. Leave a finger worth of space between the collar and his neck, and cut the extra off when it’s secure.

1. Seresto Dog Flea and Tick collar – $119.95

Seresto is a flea and tick collar that has really gained in popularity among pet owners. It is the most popular collar for flea and tick protection, and although it is also a bit on the pricey side, dog owners swear by it as far as the protection it offers for your dog. It not only kills fleas and ticks, but it repels them, too, which means that there is no worry about disease transmission from these predators to your dog. The collar gives your dog 8 months of protection, it’s odorless and non-greasy. Your dog will be comfortable wearing the Seresto dog flea and tick collar, both with how it fits, and how well he will be protected and free of pests. This is a veterinarian recommended collar, so if you are interested in learning more, follow the link below. This collar will set you back $119.95, but for the type of protection it gives your dog, you may believe it is worth the price. Others do.

Dog collars can be a big help in the fight against pests that drive your pet crazy, and you too, when they invade your home. They are a great way to give your dog a comfortable life, and they can mean a lot more convenience and savings for you when you won’t be having to shell out even bigger bucks for frequent trips to the vet for treatments for fleas and ticks, or expensive medications to prevent them.

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