Video Dedicated To All The Animal Rescuers Out There

Animal Rescuers

There is a meme on Pinterest I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. It reads, “My favorite breed is rescue,” and it’s a perfect summary of what it means to rescue a dog. There is so much more to a dog than a pedigree, papers and purebred lineage. In fact, some of the most popular breeds in the world are those that are considered designer hybrids, and it just goes to show that while it is all about where the dog comes from, it’s not all about where the dog comes from in the way that you might imagine.

This video is dedicated to all the animal rescuers out there. This video shows what it’s like to be a rescuer; to take a dog that came from something amazingly awful and bring it happiness and joy. If ever you’ve wondered how rescued dogs feel, just imagine being abused, neglected, left alone to die, homeless, hungry all the time and in despair. Now imagine someone taking you in, showing you love, feeding you every single day and providing you with the family, the comfort and the joy that you longed for so many days of your life. Now imagine what it must feel like to be the person who changes your life. There are no words.

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