A Man Wakes Up To Find a Random Dog in his Living Room

It’s not a normal occurrence to wake up and find a stray animal in your living room. The chances of that happening are close to zero. Well, the story is different for one Jack Jokinen. Suzy, as Jokinen and his wife have since named the dog, was a rather unusual guest. She walked into the couples’ home at around 3 am in the morning and alarmed Jokinen’s wife. This article provides a detailed account of how a man woke up to find a random dog in his living room and why the story has been trending for a while now.

An Account of Events

For a couple with a toddler, it is not unusual to be jolted by the cry of the baby or movements which can alert you of the baby’s discomfort. However, there was something different about this particular night. Jokinen’s wife shook her husband mid-sleep and as he was getting up she informed him that she had heard movements in the house but they weren’t those of the baby. Immediately the couple came to the conclusion that there was an uninvited guest. Jokinen went down the stairs to confirm his wife’s suspicion and he was met with the gaze of a tired Lab mix who was sitting calmly in their living room. The only issue with this was that he had closed the doors the previous night and the dog wasn’t his. The couple owned a 2-year old puppy and this wasn’t it.

There had been a raging storm the previous night and the couple had closed all openings such as doors and windows. But had they? When you see something this peculiar the first thing that jumps to your mind has to be that there is an intruder. So Jack Jokinen began searching the house looking inside closets among other places for a burglar or unwanted guest. After making sure that the house’s only occupants were his family, their puppy and the new dog, he proceeded to check his security cameras to figure out how the dog got inside the house. The footage had captured him returning back from walking their dog the previous night and locking the doors. The thing is that the door didn’t exactly latch and immediately the storm began, it was thrown wide open. According to Celebs Pulse, a 3:16 am timestamp showed a dog running down their street and suddenly stopping in front of Jokinen’s house.

Where the story began melting hearts on social media

The storm had created a cold and rainy atmosphere and the dog was scared and confused. When she saw the wide door, she hesitated for a second before running into the house. Afterwards, as if by miracle or chance or a sign, a stranger who happened to pass by the house noticed the door was open. He stopped and began approaching the house. The stranger took a peek inside and made sure that everything was fine and that there were no intruders then went ahead to lock the door. The stranger didn’t know that the dog he saw in the living room didn’t belong to the occupants of the house. Jokinen was bewildered by the fact that a total stranger actually locked the door and didn’t try to rob them or even worse murder them. After the shocking but heart-warming discovery of their new guest’s appearance into their home, they had to decide what to do with the dog.

They did what anyone with a heart would do. They patted the dog dry and made it feel as safe and comfortable as they could. The following day, the couple called Animal Control but immediately realized that the dog had no chance of survival at the shelter. She was sick and frail and walked with 3 legs and had poor teeth. So they decided to take her to the vet for a checkup. The vet informed them that contrary to their previous thought, the Lab mix was actually a nine-year-old dog and not a puppy. She had severe dental problems and even had a paw infection.

Was Suzy the couple’s Christmas gift?

There is no telling the number of awful things that could have happened that night. A wide-open door on a stormy night spells doom for anyone. They could have been robbed or even worse killed but instead, they got a dog that genuinely needed their help. Jokinen decided to share Suzy’s story on twitter and in a matter of hours the story had gone viral. People even requested Jack to start a Go-Fund-Me campaign for Suzy’s medical bills. Jack complied but still assured everyone that even if people would be unable to contribute, the couple would still see to it that the dog got the necessary treatment it needed.

According to The Dodo, in 2 days, the campaign had brought in $15,000 in donations which will help the family in covering Suzy’s medical bills. While Suzy was receiving treatment, Jokinen decoded to look for the Good Samaritan who closed the door. As it turns out, the guy was actually their neighbor Steve. The couple tried to locate Suzy’s previous owner but she had no chip, she was a stray dog. She is now a part of the family and from the updates that Jack posts, she is great with the baby and is blending well with the family. Call it motherly instinct!

A happy ending

Jake has been transparent on Suzy’s recovery and shares her journey on twitter. Although she still has a long way to go in terms of a full recovery, it appears that the Jokinens are a good fit for her. The couple’s goal as of now is to ensure that the adorable senior dog is well fed and taken care of in order to help her gain weight and become healthy. It seems that for the first time ever Suzy has a real home and from the looks of things she is happy where she is.

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