10 Things You Didn’t Know about The Boxerman


Boxermans are an excellent example of the designer dogs that have become popular in recent decades. Like their name indicates, these dogs are bred from Boxers and Doberman Pinschers, thus providing them with a mix of characteristics from both breeds. On the whole, Boxermans have a reputation for being loyal and courageous animals.

1. Bred from Boxers

As mentioned earlier, Boxermans were bred from two breeds, with one being the Boxer. Said dogs are a sizable, short-haired breed that can be recognized by the broad, short head combined with a blunt muzzle and a noticeable underbite.

2. Descended from a Breed that Can Come in Three Colors

Boxers tend to have one of three colors – fawn, brindle, and white. In the first two cases, these dogs may or may not have white markings, both of which are fine. As for white Boxers, their existence hasn’t always been well-regarded. These dogs aren’t rare because they make up 20 to 25 percent of the puppies that are born. However, there was a time when breeders often euthanized white Boxer puppies. Something that is becoming rarer and rarer.

3. Descended from a Breed that Can Trace Its Roots to Germany and Great Britain

Speaking of which, Boxers originated in Germany. To be exact, they were developed in the late 19th century using the Bullenbeisser and the Bulldog, which came from Germany and Great Britain respectively. Nowadays, Bullenbeissers are extinct. Amusingly, this didn’t happen because they were unpopular. Instead, they were very popular, so much so that they winded up being crossbred into non-existence.

4. Descended from a Breed Bred for Hunting

The first Boxers were bred for hunting. Specifically, they were meant to pursue bears, boars, and deer until they could get a hold of their targets. After which, the Boxers were supposed to hold them down until the humans could arrive on the scene. As such, this explains much about some of the breed’s best-known characteristics. For instance, both bears and boars have formidable reputations for very good reasons, meaning that uncourageous Boxers wouldn’t have been willing to take them on.

5. Bred from Doberman Pinschers

Besides Boxers, Boxermans are also bred from Doberman Pinschers, which are called just Dobermans in some parts of the world. This is another breed that came into existence in Germany. However, there is much more uncertainty about the breeds that went into creating the Doberman Pinscher than the breeds that went into creating the Boxer. Generally speaking, it is believed that Doberman Pinschers are descended from a number of breeds that included but were not limited to German Shepherds, German Pinschers, and Rottweilers.

6. Bred from a Breed that Can Be Rather Strange-Sounding in Its Native Language

Doberman Pinschers are named for a man named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a German tax collector who created the breed for the purpose of protecting himself. Meanwhile, Pinscher is a German term for “terrier,” which has strong connotations of smallness because terriers are meant to hunt vermin as well as other small animals. As such, the Germans dropped the Pinscher from Doberman Pinscher because the term wasn’t appropriate for these dogs. The United States and Canada are the only countries that still call Doberman Pinschers Doberman Pinschers. Furthermore, they are notable in that they have dropped a “n” from the first part of the name, which is why these dogs are called Doberman Pinschers rather than Dobermann Pinschers.

7. Bred from a Smart Breed

Boxers have a reputation for intelligence. However, Doberman Pinschers are even better-regarded in this respect, so much so that they are considered to be one of the most trainable dogs that can be found out there. This doesn’t mean that interested individuals can just assume that a Boxerman will turn out well because of their Doberman Pinscher heritage. However, this does mean that chances are very good that they can expect an easier time training their Boxerman.

8. Bred from a More Good-Natured Breed

Originally, Doberman Pinschers had a reputation for being aggressive. Something that can be seen in older cartoons as well as other older works. This makes sense because these dogs were bred for personal protection, meaning that they were supposed to be loyal, courageous, and intimidating. However, these same characteristics made Doberman Pinschers less than ideal as household companions, with the result that there has been something of a split in their breeding. Essentially, some lines of Doberman Pinschers have remained true to their original role and thus their original characteristics. In contrast, other lines of Doberman Pinschers have been bred for increased use as household companions, with the result that they have become gentler, more sociable, and more even-tempered. Considering the differences, this is definitely something that interested individuals will want to look into if they are getting Boxermans.

9. Boxermans Can Be a Good Choice for Families

A lot of Boxermans have proven themselves to be excellent choices for families. Having said that, people should never leave their dogs alone with young children. In part, this is because the latter don’t have a good idea of how to handle dogs, meaning that they can make serious mistakes that will wind up provoking dogs. Similarly, dogs are by no means guaranteed to have a good idea of how to handle young children, which can also cause issues. Boxers are said to have more patience with children than most breeds, but there are a couple of issues with that. One, Boxers having a characteristic doesn’t mean that every Boxerman will have that same characteristic. Two, even the most patient dog still has limits to what they will and will not put up with.

10. Boxermans Are Low-Maintenance

Another selling point of the Boxerman would be the breed’s low maintenance needs. These dogs have short-haired coats, so they don’t have a lot of grooming needs. Instead, brushing their coats once or twice weekly should be enough when combined with baths whenever necessary. Activity-wise, Boxermans are also relatively undemanding. They do need regular exercise. However, Boxermans aren’t one of those breeds that are notorious for being extremely energetic.

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