Dog is Left Abandoned Tied to Tree with Note about The Pandemic

Maybe we should revisit the lyrics to “Where is the love?” by Black Eyed Peas and ask what happened to humanity. Every day we are waking up to news about animal abuse, so even when a dog is left abandoned, tied to a tree with a note about the pandemic, we are no longer surprised. It has become the norm with pet owners blaming the COVID-19 for their inability to care for the animals. Roadie has joined the statistics of abandoned dogs. As we look into the reasons for pet abandonment, read his heartwarming story below.

A Spoiled Girl on a Quest to Find a Forever Home

Roadie was used to having the kind of life every animal deserves until her owner felt he could no longer afford the expenses that came with keeping a pet. Therefore, the best thing he could think of was tying her to a tree, hoping someone would find the German –Australian shepherd and give her a good home. He was keen to leave a note that revealed he had taken care of Roadie since she was a puppy. According to the note published by Daily Star, Roadie was a rescue from a litter of 10 puppies.

Her owner had been feeding her nutritious food that comprised steak, rice, and chicken, but Roadie’s favorite was lamb and rice. She even had her own memory foam bed and couch to lay on; thus, even the owner concluded that he spoiled her. He had also taken care of her health needs by keeping up with her rabies vaccine, deworming, and spaying her. Roadie’s owner also trained her to obey simple commands like “sit, “roll over,” and “shake.”

Unfortunately, sometimes good things have an ending, and when Roadie’s human parent lost his job and home due to the pandemic, Roadie had to be rehomed. Luckily, considering the dangers that lurk out there, Roadie was found unharmed. A good Samaritan surrendered her to the Johnson Country Animal Shelter, and they hope to find her the right home. With over 20 applicants, the shelter staff is keenly going through the applications since, as explained in the note tied to Roadie’s collar, she loves playing with children and dogs. Her excessive energy also leads her to chew and tear apart squeaky toys. Like the note requested, we pray that the dog finds a good home that will love and take care of her.

A Case Similar to Roadies

Although now people blame the pandemic, pet owners have always resolved to abandon their pets when times get hard. Some do not even seem to care about the animal; the owner of Zeus left him tied to a tree with no water. According to The Animal Rescue Site, Zeus’ owner could no longer afford to take care of him as per the note found in the German shepherd mix. The stars were shining on Zeus that day because he was found the same day he was abandoned and taken to the Prince George County Animal Shelter. They used the power of social media to try and get him a home, and the public loved the picture so much that Zeus’ photo was shared 800 times. Before long, he found a loving home, but the animal shelter felt it was also the best time to educate pet owners about pet abandonment. They advised those who could no longer keep their animals to speak out; the shelter could help by feeding, offering financial support, or taking in the animal.

Abandonment is Not Unique to America

It is estimated that 6.5 million animals, comprising 3.3 million dogs and 3.2 million cats, are abandoned every year in the US. However, before you frown at Americans for the behavior, you should know that other countries have been inhumane too. According to Little Things, Valia Orfanidou is a Greece woman who has dedicated her life to saving animals in dangerous situations. She got a call about a dog that needed rescuing after being tied to a tree and abandoned. Unlike Zeus and Roadie, who were lucky to be found almost immediately after being left by their owners, the dog found by Valia and Georgio, her partner, was in bad shape; it was bony and frail. They learned that the previous owner had microchipped the dog. Unfortunately, he had given the dog to a hunter who abandoned the poor canine because he developed a limp and could no longer serve her purpose. There was a happy ending when the dog, whom Valio named Tool after rehabilitation, found a new owner, Lone.

Why the Pandemic Has Led To Increased Pet Abandonment Cases

The inability to care for pets has been the primary reason for most people abandoning their pets. As pet owners struggle with a financial crisis, they are forced to choose between feeding their families and animals. Of course, it usually is ironic since most pet owners have always claimed the pets are part of the family. However, besides the financial crisis, the fear of animals catching the virus was also another reason.

Although the center for Disease Control and Prevention said there was no substantiated evidence to prove that pets can catch the coronavirus, pet owners are still wary. Therefore, even a study by the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals tried to further cement that there is no need for pet owners to worry since pets cannot transmit the virus to humans. However, the study was too late because, in India, pet owners abandoned their animals as the coronavirus was reported in the country.

Luckily, the World Health Organization reassurances regarding coronavirus and pet transmission were good enough to make pet owners reconsider. According to The Print, Indians started adopting animals, and in the UK, prices for a pet dog increased astronomically in response to the growing demand. The increase in pet adoption further resulted in a guide being published to help first-time pet owners.

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