What You Need to Know about the Boxer Dog


When it comes to the 8th most popular dog breed in the world according to the American Kennel Club, you’re talking about a dog that people just love. What this means is that this is a breed that people get along with very well. It must also mean that this is a smart, intelligent breed that fits in well with all kinds of families in all kinds of homes. And we must be talking about the boxer dog –not the boxer you see on television fighting for millions of dollars, though that’s fine, too. The boxer is exceptionally popular, and not just because it has such a pretty face and lovely disposition. It’s a dog that looks pretty intimidating, but it has a lot of great features that make people fall madly in love. If you are considering a boxer, there are some things you just have to know. Just because it’s an exceptionally popular dog across the states does not mean that it’s perfect for you and your family. All breeds are different and no one dog is perfect for all households. You should ask yourself if you are looking for a dog like the boxer or if learning more about what this breed is like and what it requires at home means it’s just not the breed for you. And believe us, there is nothing wrong with being honest if the boxer ends up not being the kind of dog you are looking for as a pet; it makes you responsible.

It’s Smart

This is a very smart dog with high intelligence levels. It needs constant stimulation and it needs to be active as much as possible. It’s going to be very easy to train this breed since it is so smart, and it’s eager to please, as well. Overall, it is a wonderful breed.

It’s Active

These are very playful dogs that love to run, catch, fetch, and play. They like to be outside, they like long walks and they love to be doing something at all times. They can be a bit on the boisterous side if you are not careful to teach them to remain calm, however, which can sometimes be a bit of an issue.

It’s Very Loving

This is a dog that just loves to be with people in its family. It’s friendly and loving and very affectionate. You need to be able to provide a lot of love and attention to this breed so that it will be able to feel good and happy. It’s a wonderful dog and we highly recommend it as a companion.

It Loves Kids

If there is one thing that the boxer is known most for, it’s the way it loves kids. The boxer dog adores children and loves to be with them. What you get with this dog is one who is going to keep your kids safe, want to play with them regularly and want to be in their lives as often as possible. This breed is a child’s best friend all day long.

Little Grooming is Required

With a short and smooth coat, you need not worry about frequent grooming with this particular breed. A gentle brushing a few times a month is all it takes to ensure that your dog is cared for. This will also help to minimize shedding since the dog is going to have less hair available to fall out all over your house if you brush it off its body before it has the opportunity.

It’s a Healthy Breed

This is a very healthy dog with a lot to offer. It has no breed-specific health issues. However, it is important that you realize this does not make this dog perfect. All dogs have just as much a chance of becoming ill or sick or developing a disease as other dogs from other breeds. It’s not something you can help other than to care for your dog the best way possible.

They are Very Fast Dogs

If you let this dog go without a leash, it’s going to get away from you. It’s fast and it’s active, and if it is not taught to heel and pay attention, it’s going to cause some problems for you if it gets away. It might think of your little chase as a game, and that is not something that’s going to end well for anyone involved if you can’t catch the dog for a while.

It’s Very Protective

You will never feel vulnerable with this dog around. It’s job in life is to make sure you are safe and protected, and it’s doing whatever it can to make that happen. It will be fierce with strangers, so be sure to begin socializing this breed very early so that you don’t have to worry that it will be unkind to welcome guests and friends in your home.

It’s Good with Other Animals

The boxer loves animals. It’s not going to have an issue with other dogs or cats in your house; it’s going to befriend them. Even if the other animals seem uninterested at first, chances are good that your boxer will make buddies with the animal before too long. The only issue you might encounter is if you have small animals at home, too, like hamsters or gerbils or mice. The boxer sees these as prey and will likely go after them. You can teach the dog to stop and not touch them, but it’s often better just to avoid having these two different animals in the house alone.

It Needs a Dominant Owner

The boxer can be sneaky and manipulative if it thinks that you will allow it. You have to be a dominant owner willing to be the alpha at all times. This s a smart breed, so it knows that if it’s allowed to do something once, it might be allowed to do it again. Be firm, consistent and always be the dominant person in the life of this particular breed to keep your family running smoothly.

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