Texas Dog Receives Award After Saving His Owner’s Life

No matter how close you are to your friend, you can question their loyalty sometimes, but with dogs, you never doubt where their loyalty lies. That is why since ages ago, the canines have been referred to as man’s best friend, a description that will remain true for years to come.

Every day, their actions prove that once they have you in their corner, you will never question if they have your best interest at heart. Their heroic efforts in keeping us safe had one Texas dog receiving an award after saving his owner’s life. The funny thing is that initially, the owner was not sure she wanted to keep the dog. Let’s tell you how things turned out for the best for both the owner and the dog.

Pit Bulls Cast in a New Light

Astro Cosmo, an America Pit Bull Terrier, was a stray when Bertha Martinez found him. She Told KFOXTV she had always been afraid of Pit Bulls. Therefore even after taking him home, Martinez was doubtful she would keep the dog. Well, that was a year ago, and she must have changed her mind.

It took a while for her to see that if you treat the animals right, they will be friendly and remain loyal as Astro had become. On April 14, 2021, Martinez’s son and Astro went out, and she called her son, asking if he was okay. The son replied he was fine, and Martinez thought there was no need to be alarmed.

Unfortunately, only a few minutes later, Martinez’s son had a medical emergency, and Astro sprang into action. The dog approached a Good Samaritan who contacted emergency responders.

The responders attended to Martinez’s son, but Astro didn’t want to leave his side even then. He wanted to go with him in the ambulance, but the firefighters had to lure him to get into a vehicle so the family members would go and pick him.

Astro’s heroic act was not one to be ignored because the El Paso Fire Department spokesperson disclosed that if Astro had not sought help, Martinez’s son would not have been found. Fortunately, he received immediate medical care, and his family revealed he was stable and recovering, although they remain mum on the type of medical emergency.

The Reward for Job Well Done

Since one good deed deserves another, the El Paso Fire Department and El Paso Animal Services recognized Astro’s efforts by awarding him. He even got a special treat of dog cake because the responders said although their work entails quite weird emergencies, that was one of a kind.

Astro even shocked Martinez, who said she would never have thought that Astro would do something like that in a million years. Ramon Hererra, the interim director of El Paso Animal Services, used Astro’s heroic act to urge prospective pet owners that Pit Bulls are not as aggressive as they are assumed to be.

He disclosed that Pit Bulls remain among breeds that you are likely to find in shelters, and it is usually because of the belief that they are aggressive and could cause harm, especially to children. Martinez knows without any shred of doubt that she got a winner when she decided to adopt Astro, and she will forever show him how thankful she is for saving her son by showering the canine with lots of treats and love.

Another Dog Risks Her Life to Save Owner’s

According to ABC 13, Haley Moore was out on a walk with her dog Clover when she collapsed on the ground after a seizure attack. Clover checked on her owner and saw that she needed help. The 18-month-old Maremma mix freed herself from her leash, then went to the middle of the road and flagged a truck down.

Truck driver Dryden Oatway said the dog backed into the road while keeping a watchful eye on Moore. He got Moore the help she needed, all the while as Clover watched him, ensuring that Oatway was not doing anything fishy.

However, Clover was not done yet; she still got another passerby to help her owner, this time a female one, Danielle Pilon. Pilon also observed that Clover did not want to take her eyes off Moore, but she knew she had to entrust them with her owner.

Therefore, she left Moore in the care of the Good Samaritans and went home to alert Moore’s parent that she was in danger. By the time the family arrived at the scene, Moore was already being attended to by paramedics. Diane Moore, Haley’s mum, said that the incident affirmed that Clover would always take care of Haley. Haley also reiterated how amazing animals are, saying how much she loves Clover.

The Heroism extends to Fellow Animals

The big heart of dogs is enough to hold love even for fellow animals. Therefore, when Jesse, a 7-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, saw his canine sibling Chucky drowning in the pool, he did not hesitate to save him. According to People, Chucky, the 13-year-old Pomeranian, was walking around the pool’s perimeter when he fell into the swimming pool.

Unfortunately, none of the family members was near to see the incident. Chucky would have drowned if not for Jesse, who went to the pool area may be trying to find out where his sibling was.

As Chucky tried frantically to save himself, Jesse followed him, walking around the perimeter until he could get the proper position to hold Chucky. Jesse waited for Chucky to get near the edge of the pool, and then tried grabbing him.

It took the dog half an hour to get Chucky out of the pool, and when their humans arrived home, they wondered why their pets were soaking wet. They thought they could get an explanation by watching the security footage, and to their surprise, they saw what had happened.

Byron and Melissa had trained all their dogs to swim and were impressed that Jesse, the youngest, saved the older dog. They said they had considered covering the pool, and after the incident, they knew it was imperative to get it done as soon as possible because even today, watching the footage sends chills down their spines.

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