The Top Five Best Selling Dog Brushes on the Market Today

Your dog is your best friend and part of the family. You want him to look and feel great every day, which is part of why regular grooming is always a recommendation for dog owners. Having the right grooming tools is important to do the job right, and make sure your dog is happy and comfortable during the process. One of the biggest, and most important grooming tools to have is a dog brush. But which dog brush should you use? What brush you use depends on the type of dog you have, long or short haired. It also depends on how they handle grooming and brushing. Some dogs like to be brushed and their skin is not super sensitive to the process. While other dogs tend to have a more difficult time with grooming, maybe due to knots and tangles in the hair, or sensitive skin that makes brushing miserable for them. Choosing the right brush is important since the job of a brush is to remove unwanted loose undercoat hair, dirt and debris. It’s also important for giving your dog a pleasurable grooming experience. Take a look at the top five best selling dog brushes on the market today to see if one of these is the right one for your pup.

5. Oster Large Combo Dog Brush – $11.99

One of the most basic dog brushes is the Oster, large combo dog brush, and is one of the top sellers on the market. The Oster is a preferred brush for large breeds. On one side you have a traditional dog brush, designed for removing tangles, knots and mats, and it loosens dead undercoat hair so that it’s easy to remove when you flip the brush. The other side is designed with soft bristles to brush the dead undercoat away and smooth your pet’s hair to perfection. It will leave your dog’s fur silky, smooth and shiny. The ergo-designed handle is comfortable, easy to grip and won’t hurt your hand as you work away on grooming your dog. If you like having two grooming tools in one, try this combo brush.

4. KONG ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming – $5.99

Sometimes it’s just easier to do the washing and brushing at the same time, which is what makes this brush unique and easy. While you shampoo your dog in the bath, use this massaging dog brush to help get the shampoo deep in the hair, and evenly, all while removing loose hair, dirt and debris. The brush helps to create healthier hair growth and healthier skin by stimulating capillaries as well as your dog’s natural oil production that leaves skin healthy and fur luxurious. Your dog will think he’s getting a massage every time he gets a bath when you use the KONG ZoomGroom brush, and bonus, it is  only $5.99. Get a closer look at the brush now. It’s one of top selling dog brushes on the market today.


3. Hertzko self-cleaning slicker dog brush – $15.99

Tangles, knots and mats are painful for your dog. Trying to brush them out of hair with just any dog brush will send your dog yelping, and possibly nipping at you. The Hertzko slicker brush removes all the hair tangles and knots with ease. It also removes dirt, loose hair, dander and trapped dirt. The bristles on this brush get down deep in the coat, yet it won’t scratch your dog’s skin and irritate it. Your dog won’t only look great, but he will feel great, and will love the bonding time with you while you groom because it will be enjoyable, as opposed to the painful experiences with grooming brushes from the past. You won’t have any trouble holding onto the handle, either, with the no-slip grip, and for quick cleanup, simply press the button and the bristles retract to let the accumulated hair fall into the garbage.

2. Brandismo Professional (de-shedding) Dog and Cat Grooming Brush – $12.97

Most all dogs shed to some degree, and if a dog isn’t groomed regularly, no matter what the hair length is, there will be some sort of shedding. You love your dog and want him to look and feel good, and grooming your pet is one way to show your dog how much you love him. While you may think any dog brush will work, not all work best for all dog hair types, shedding types, or skin types. If your dog is a big shedder, finding a brush, like the Brandismo Professional (de-shedding) groomer, is on the list for being one of the best dog grooming brushes on the market. It will remove up to 95% of dead hair, and gently remove tangles from your pet’s hair, without pulling and tearing. It’s gentle for your pet’s sensitive skin, and the ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to grip and hold while you brush.

1. Rubold Dematting Tool for Dogs – Professional Rake Brush (Small, Medium and Large Breeds) – $18.99 

Your dog won’t experience scratches or pain when you use Rubold’s dematting tool. Uniquely designed, the rounded outside of the “brushers” prevent it from scratching the skin, which is a typical problem with pointed edged brushes. For dogs with coarse, curly, wiry, or medium and long haired dogs will benefit most from this dog brush. It’s extra wide, to cover more hair area, and it will pull tons of dead undercoat hair loose in just five minutes of brushing, saving you time and saving your dog the painstaking task of grooming (nice for owner’s who have a hard time getting their pup to stay still). The extra wide tool lets you start with the 9 sharp teeth side, for getting out those stubborn mats, then finish the job with the 17 teeth side, for quickly removing the loosened hair, and smoothing it. Non-breakable, ergonomically designed, and durable, this is a top dog brush on the market today.

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