10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldog

The blue French bulldog is just like any other French bulldog save for the coloration of the dog’s fur. What makes this dog a bit different in terms of color is nothing more than the fact that the dog has a slightly bluish hue that derives from genetics. These are very small dogs that are known to be very affectionate and needy, and they’re not the kind of bulldog that makes a good watch dog or protector. This is a ‘silly’ dog that breathes loudly, has some funny habits and does get sick more often than other dogs.

It’s a very masculine little dog that’s primary purpose in life is to act as a companion. They are not the kind of dogs that you want to leave home often or ignore when you are home. They are very friendly, love attention and affection from anyone, and they’re very cute dogs that will elicit a lot of attention from others. It was several centuries ago in England when lace makers and breeders began to downsize bulldogs. They very selectively bred these dogs so that their litters would be born very small and very friendly, and it worked well. They were known as “toy” dogs and they became very popular in France after the French discovered what the English were doing to breed the dogs. They began to breed their own and the name somehow stuck.

These dogs are very small and they love to live indoors. When it comes to choosing the type of dog you want at home, it is important to consider several factors. The most important is that this dog simply does not do will when it is outside often. It has severe allergy issues. It has some other health issues, and it’s not the kind of dog that likes to get dirty. The good news is that you won’t need to bathe this dog often since it’s a bit of a prissy animal that prefers to stay clean at all times. There are many things about the blue French bulldog you might be aware of, but there are also plenty of interesting facts you might not have known about in the past. Read on to test your knowledge of blue French bulldogs.

They’re Not Recognized

The blue French bulldog is not recognized by dog breeder associations. You will not find it acceptable to show or train a blue French bulldog as he or she will not be allowed to enter into any competitions because of their coloring. The French bulldog is a recognized breed, but the blue coloration of some disallows them from being considered as show dogs or recognized as such. The only French bulldogs allowed in shows or even recognized by breeder associations are those with the color palettes white, brindle, fawn and a mixture of white and brindle. If one has a blue color to its fur, it’s not considered a real French bulldog and it’s not going to be recognized by any associations. The good news, however, is that this only matters if you are interested in showing your French bulldog. If you’re just interested in having one as a pet, you needn’t worry about the color of the dog or the fact that it simply is not recognized by many associations.

The reason no association or breeder will recognize the blue French bulldog as a breed is because many believe that the dog is prone to too many health problems. The widespread belief is that blue French bulldogs have a condition known as blue dog alopecia, which is a known discoloration. The truth of the matter, however, is that many of these dogs are not affected by this form of alopecia, and it’s something that a number of organizations are contesting at the moment. While a number of blue French bulldogs are affected by blue dog alopecia, there are also several that are affected by the same disease that are not particular to this breed. The vast majority of blue French bulldogs simply are not prone to having this kind of health issue.

They’re Not French

This is always a surprising fact for many blue French bulldog owners. They’re named frenchies, but they’re not actually French. These dogs, and their regular French bulldog sisters, do not hail from the country of romance. Instead, they are English. They derive from a little area in England called Nottingham. It’s not particularly well known how they got the name French, but it is known that they were not from France. They actually gained their popularity in the 1800s as lap dogs for lace makers, and they were particularly well-loved at the time.

They’re Lazy

Unlike other breeds of French bulldog, the Frenchie is one that is not particularly active. It does not need much activity to be happy or healthy. They are not prone to become overweight or obese because of eating too much, and they prefer to just hang out around the house napping or relaxing on the laps of their loved ones. You can keep a blue French bulldog perfectly happy and healthy by doing little more than taking them for a short walk throughout the day or letting them go out into the yard to use the facilities on their own. They’ll come right back in when they finish with their duties and they will go right back to relaxing and being very lazy dogs.

They Get Very Cold

The blue French bulldog has only a single coat. What this means for the dog is that it becomes very cold very easily. When the air conditioner is turned too low during the summer, these dogs will likely spend time at home cuddling close to a blanket or with a human for extra warmth. Additionally, they will very likely need to have some extra covering during the winter if you live in a particularly cold area. While many people mock those who place their animals in clothes as though they are a fashion accessory, those who own blue French bulldogs do it because their dogs become exceptionally cold at any given moment. These dogs need extra layers when out in the cold weather. And you can forget walking one of these dogs in heavy snow. They’re more likely to stay home and enjoy some time inside and use the bathroom on a pad.

They Can’t Swim

Blue French bulldogs are not good swimmers. They don’t do well in the water, and they don’t like the water. Some dogs are great swimmers and love to spend time in the water whether it’s in the pool or the ocean or lake, but blue French bulldogs are not good around water. It’s believed that their short legs make it difficult of them to swim, which is always a problem when a dog has to spend time in the water. This is a dog that absolutely must have a life vest on if it is near water, whether it is near the pool or on the boat. If you live near a body of water, expect that your dog will not spend much time near the water – he or she will not have any desire to go near the water.

Blue French Bulldog

There are Very Few Natural Births

Because of the size of the blue French bulldog’s head, there are very few of these dogs that are actually born naturally. Most breeders do not want the mother of their litters to suffer any damage to her body or to her health, so they have their vets schedule C-Sections when it’s time for the dogs to deliver. The reason being is that many bred dogs suffer damage to their bodies that is not fixable. This means that a breeder will lose out on a top-notch dog they can breed with others to create a litter of blue frenchies to sell to those who want to make the expensive purchase. For this reason alone, you will not find a French bulldog that’s born naturally and without the help of a veterinarian.

They’re Expensive

There is a regular French bulldog and there is a blue French bulldog. There’s absolutely no difference between the two other than their coloring, but the price of a blue French bulldog is almost twice as much as the price of your everyday French bulldog. The crazy factor about this one is that it’s the same dog with a different coat. However, the blue French bulldog is much more difficult to find. They have to be specially bred, and it’s not always easy to find a breeder that has the ability to create blue French bulldogs, which means it becomes very difficult to find one to purchase. Breeders are aware of this and it’s the reason they put such a significant price tag on these puppies when they do have a litter.

These are dogs that have some serious health issues that can cost a lot of money. The blue French bulldog has allergies most of the time, and you will make many trips to the vet with these dogs. They have other issues, such as back and neck issues thanks to their short, curved spines. Additionally, they are not dogs that can take a lot of injury, so they might become injured if they make a habit of jumping off of couches or beds because they can damage their spines doing this. A typical vet appointment for a small allergic reaction for a dog of this nature is anywhere from $300-$700. It’s not recommended that you purchase a dog like this if you cannot afford to pay frequent medical bills from visits to the vet’s office.

They Need a Lot of Attention

The blue French bulldog is just like a normal French bulldog in that it is a very needy dog that wants your full attention at all times. This is a dog that does not care to be ignored, left alone or left out of anything. This dog wants love, and it wants it now. The blue French bulldog will cry if it is not given enough attention. It will begin to act out if it feels their needs are not being met. They are dogs that require more attention than a newborn baby, and it’s not always an easy feat to have children and a French bulldog in the house. For this reason, they’re usually very wary of other pets and children, simply because they don’t like the fact that their attention has to be divided among others. If you’re considering this type of dog, be sure that you have the time and attention to spare to make sure it’s a happy dog without any issues.

They Snort

These are dogs that have a very flat face. It’s something that’s referred to as brachycephalic, and it means that they have very labored breathing. Owning a blue French bulldog means getting used to the sound of loud, heavy breathing and snorting at all times. They’re not dogs that are quiet, and anyone not used to the sound of this dog’s breathing is not going to be able to sleep well at night. Additionally, you might find that the sound of your dog’s breathing is bothersome to your guests. Their snorting and snoring at night might bother guests and it might even bother you if you’re not someone who can get used to the sound after owning one of these dogs.

They’re Very Allergic

These are very small dogs, and that makes them prone to a number of allergies. This means that your dog might spend more time than other dogs at the vet being taken care of for allergies. They have many skin allergies, and some dogs are required to eat a very specific diet that will prevent them from having an allergic reaction to what they eat. For example, many different French bulldogs need to have a very low ingredient diet that is made completely of organic ingredients. Because they are prone to skin allergies, it’s common to find these dogs with rashes, puffy eyes and other issues that do require a trip to the vet.

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