The 10 Best Pit Bull Rescues in California

Statistics put the number of Pit Bulls killed every year at about one million because most people do not want to rehome them. This figure accounts for 40% of all dogs euthanized in shelters in the United States annually.

It is such appalling news, but the breed continues to be the most misunderstood. Luckily, kind-hearted citizens determined to give Pit Bulls a second chance at life have established rescues in different parts of the country.

You can also do your part in saving them, so here are the ten best Pit Bull rescues in California to consider adopting from should you want a dog companion.

10. All For Love Animal Rescue, Inc.

Maripat Davis has loved animals since she was a child and remembers rescuing any strays she came across and giving them a permanent home. However, she never understood the misfortune of Pit Bulls until 2009, when a friend told her that a shelter was about to euthanize a dog. Since then, she became a volunteer, and later a rescuer and foster parent.

Her first Pit Bull was Guinness before Davis’s son fell in love with another called Cinnamon, whom they fostered. All For Love Animal Rescue, Inc. is, therefore, committed to rescuing all breeds but focuses primarily on Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, pregnant dogs, seniors, and any other at-risk canine.

9. Norcal Bully Breed Rescue

When Anna Sharp and Leslie Bird took in an abandoned Pit Bull hoping to place it in a permanent home, the two Good Samaritans were surprised that no one was interested in adopting the dog. They researched why the dog was taking so long to find a home only to realize that Pit Bulls were thought to be aggressive; hence, most ended up dying in shelters or worse, being euthanized.

For this reason, Sharp and Bird founded Norcal Bully Breed Rescue in 2014 to solve the problem of unwanted Pit Bulls. One such dog was Buggy, whose story was published by The Dodo, but this rescue gave him a new lease of life.

8. Fresno Bully Rescue

This rescue dates back to May 1, 2008, when a group of Pit Bull lovers founded the organization to help save the breed. It offers volunteer, therapy, educational, community involvement, and stray assistance services.

Fresno Bully Rescue stands out from the rest because it accepts owner-surrenders, acknowledging that sometimes, all people need is a bit of education and resources to provide Pit Bulls with a comfortable and happy home.

The rescue has Pit Bulls of all sizes, ages, and personalities, allowing prospective dog parents to pick their ideal canine companion. The adoption fees range between $185 and $300, depending on age and size.

7. Passion 4 Pitties

Passion 4 Pitties published that the rescue began with the unfortunate demise of a Pit Bull named Sage. The organization’s founder, Elise, had volunteered at Chula Vista Animal Care Facility when Sage was brought in as a stray.

Unfortunately, no one adopted Sage and she had to be put down when she became too aggressive. The incident motivated Elise to begin rescuing American Pit Bulls so that their spirits would not be crashed while living in shelters. Passion 4 Pitties believes dogs can be rehabilitated through kindness and positive reinforcement.

6. Orange County Pit Bull Rescue

This five-star rated rescue has been praised as the haven for Pit Bulls in Orange County. It is a non-profit organization that is foster-based only, an arrangement that helps the volunteers know the personalities of each dog for easier placement during adoption.

The rescue’s mission is to take care of Pit Bulls through advocacy, education, rescuing, and community outreach. Therefore, even after adoption, the rescue maintains contact with the adoptive families.

Adopting an adult Pit Bull costs $350, while one-year and under puppies go for $400. The amount is plowed back into the rescue as it is considered a donation.

5. Angel City Pit Bull Rescue

This rescue is a non-profit organization founded in 2010, and it operates as a foster-based program. The motivation for its establishment was the overpopulation of Pit Bull Terriers in Los Angeles shelters which led to high euthanasia rates.

Angel City Pit Bull Rescue (ACPB) is a member of No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA), an initiative started by Best Friends Animal Society to end the killing of cats and dogs in Los Angeles shelters. It advocates for a positive image of Pit Bulls by creating public awareness of the breed.

4. Karma Rescue

Rande Levine talked to VoyageLA, revealing that she founded Karma Rescue in 2003. As an activist, Levine had witnessed the plight of dogs that ended up in shelters due to sickness or a family’s inability to care for them.

Therefore, she decided to give them a second chance in happy homes. By 2018, the rescue had saved over 3,500 dogs through its adoption program.

She disclosed that Pit Bulls and other large dogs hold a special place in her heart because the animals always end up having it worse than other breeds. Thankfully, as a member of NKLA, Karma Rescue is dedicated to stopping euthanasia.

3. Southern California Pit Bull Rescue

Mark Rulon founded Southern California Pit Bull Rescue in 2018. According to the rescue’s site, Rulon’s love for pit bulls began with adopting his first Pit Bull, Lola. He was appalled by how much the breed was misunderstood and took it upon himself to begin rescuing the breed.

He has adopted five Pit Bulls and had rescued over 90 others by the end of 2020. Despite the love for the breed, the rescue does not accept surrendered dogs.

2. California Pit Bull Rescue

California Pit Bull Rescue (CPR) was founded in August 2012 as a non-profit all-volunteer rescue organization. It is headquartered in Richmond, California, and its objective is to rescue at-risk Pit Bulls and educate the public regarding the misunderstood breed.

Once rescued, the organization finds foster parents for the dogs and the volunteers continue keeping an eye on the fragile canines. Dogs that are ready for adoption are matched with the ideal adoptive parent through the CPR adoption questionnaire.

1. Pit Crew Sacramento

According to the Pit crew Sacramento website, it is a small group of experienced and dedicated Pit Bull breeders and owners committed to dispelling the negative stereotypes regarding the breed.

The non-profit organization is run by volunteers and welcomes donations to support their noble efforts of finding foster homes for neglected Pit Bulls. Since it aims to reduce homelessness, the rescue does not accept owner-surrendered dogs.

Instead, it encourages owners to find suitable homes for their pets should they be unable to care for the canines anymore.

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